Picture of Blitz Seeker Instructions
These are the instructions for my helicopter "Blitz Seeker", and hopefully you will enjoy building the model. there will be descriptions on each step and also a list of the parts you need below this paragraph. The steps are pictures of a number of parts and also some of the steps are how the "sections" connect to each other. There are also parts lists for each step. and lables on some pictures.
          Hope you enjoy building my creation!

     Parts list:
          Rods - Stiff.                    Connectors                                 Misc.                               Wheels 
Green: 29                         White: 14                                      Hub connection: 4       Extra Large: 1
White: 23                          Red: 8                                           Short Blue End: 2        Big Low Profile: 1
Blue: 17                            Blue: 6                                          Black Ball End: 1         Small Black: 2
Yellow: 12                        Purple: 10                                    Grey Spacer: 3            
Red: 3                               Yellow: 19                                    Blue Spacer: 1           
Grey: 22                            Green; 24                                    Pink End: 2
          Rods - Bendy.       Grey (Two Sockets): 5            
Long: 22                           Dark Grey (One Socket): 11    
Short: 11                          Orange: 24                                 

Step 1: Make The Base

Picture of Make The Base
You will need:
4 Green rods
4 white rods
2 Yellow rods
2 Short bendy rods
2 Red rods
7 Grey rods
8 Purple connectors
6 Yellow Connectors
Atom 62 years ago
Then it would be even more cool though it it still very cool!
Atom 62 years ago
You think you could fit a motor in there ?
hey mad heli. Have u ever heard of airwolf
MattJoeP (author)  michaelromeo3 years ago
No I haven't, what is it?
jdoggkuhn3 years ago
this is the best knex helicopter ive ever seen good job keep it up
KNEX-pert3 years ago
Cool helicopter! That is amazing! You did a great job constructing that, and it is awesome! 5*'s rating!!!
MattJoeP (author)  KNEX-pert3 years ago
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Nice chopper!
MattJoeP (author)  mikeasaurus3 years ago