We all loved watching 'Robowars' a serial TV show. The sheer sound of metal clashing against metal, robots being chucked about by the arena flipper, sparks being thrown up by Dead Metal, being paraded around by Killalot, getting torched a bit and having Mr Psycho's hammer make a nice loud noise on the shell were some of the thrills I used to get on watching the show. But what if.....I could build one and really be in the midst of it??? 

On completing my High School and having passed out of 10th Grade, I decided to build a battle-bot. It took me months of research and hard work, to build a war machine. Now in the 11th Grade ( Age 17 ) the machine was ready for battle, created with the primary aim of destruction.We chose the name ‘Blitzkrieg' for the war machine because of its nimbleness, speed and strength which gives it an advantage over its opponents.

The ' Blitzkrieg ' robot is a middle weight ( 110lb/ 50 Kg) shell spinner robot. It produces a staggering 40 Nm of torque and has a top speed of 8 mph. The main feature of this robot is that it is controlled through bluetooth. The ' Blitzkrieg ' can be operated from any Laptop, Computer or Android Phone. We were awarded the ' Most Innovative ' title for the use of Bluetooth in the robot at the Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) Mumbai's techfest.

This instructable is a guide on how I built the ' Blitzkrieg ' robot. Instructions for making a similar bluetooth controlled robot is also provided in this instructable.

Step 1: Parts of the Robot :

Blitzkrieg robot can be divided into the following sections :

1. Body and Armor.

2. Drive System.

3. Weapons.

4. Electronics.

5. Batteries.

The following steps will explain the building of each section of the  Blitzkrieg  Robot.
<p>hello, what brand of relay you used?, im having a difficult time on understanding how you conected your relays... thank you :)</p>
can you post a vid of it spinning in battle?
where did you people get these motors?? how much do they cost??

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