Introduction: BloKart

This is the 2nd Home built Blokart ,
My main aim is to have an easy, portable and lite blokart  that can be easly used and stored

fram was localy made using nothing but scrap metal in my work shop
,I used :
-1/2" heavy duty square bar for the main frame ,
-1" Alumium Pipe for the main mast ( 4 pcs 3' each ) ,
-3 pcs of 3/4" pipe 1'  long each with a flat washer welded right in the middle to be used to join the Mast pcs
-6' PVC pipe for the  Boom ,
-3 pullies you can find in local market for the main sheet.
-For the sail I used 2 pcs of a shower curtain stitched together with two pockets for the Battens,
-The Sail Battens were made out of PVC pipe vertically cut in half and then hammered into flat then  taped to cover sharp edges
-Tires  came from an old hand trolly ,you can actually use any type of tires for this Blokart..

-An old office chair was a very good Idea for the seat .
-used a laptop bag strap for a safety belt .


Step 1: Frame

Main frame square pipes cut and weld were done in 4 hrs .all fianl attachemnts were installed in almost 2 hrs.
it is as simple as it looks

Step 2: Rig Up

rigging the blokart in the desert was fun for the kids ,it took les than 1/2 hrs and then it was up to go



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    Very cool project, I like this even more than the kite buggy.

    Thanks troopersmachine ,please feel free to suggest or comment on any of my projects ,most of these things are made with no special measurments just experimenting with cuts and welds

    I am impressed with your steering set up. I do a lot of trial and error with my projects, some pretty good ideas are developed on the fly.

    This is really cool. I hope to see updates and future models.

    Thanks ,I did modify this one few days a go ,I cut one third of the length and weld a hinge to make more easy to store,I,ll shoot a small clip later

    NICE! Thanks!!!!

    I just added couple of Photos during the making

    what sort of speed did you get with this? Very impressive yet simple design.

    I recorded approximately 55 Km hrs on a moderate wind day on the sand ( it was a bit scary ) ,I am fixing on trying this Blukart on a paved road,Anyhow the sail design is a simple one ,I think I'd get better speed and maneuverability with a larger surface sail,

    Thanks for your comment

    Thanks for sharing. I was looking for something exactly like this. Simple design yet does the job perfectly. Maybe some sort of braking mechanism would be great - advantages of being on land, we can use our friend friction :)