I got tired of burning a brown spot into my yard so I decided to pick up some materials and make a nice block base to put my fire stand on. You can do it with a few hours and under $100 depending on the type of brick you choose.

Step 1: Select Location

Find a nice flat spot away from the house and neighbors to place your fire stand. Chose wisely because this is permanent.
Nice instructable....where did you get your fire stand, I haven't seen one like it?
I believe I picked it up at a big box home store, Home Depot or Lowes. I recently replaced it, the bottom rusted out, but I could not find one like it myself.
That turned out very nice! My only question is about the dead grass that won't grown and why you didn't put the stones on that area?
Good question. I was more concerned with the placement of the fire stand. The grass did eventually grow back.
The soil becomes dirt. Spreading 1/2" of potting soil will have the grass coming back in in no time, otherwise it takes about 3 years.

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