Picture of Block Base for a Fire Stand
I got tired of burning a brown spot into my yard so I decided to pick up some materials and make a nice block base to put my fire stand on. You can do it with a few hours and under $100 depending on the type of brick you choose.
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Step 1: Select Location

Picture of Select Location
Find a nice flat spot away from the house and neighbors to place your fire stand. Chose wisely because this is permanent.

Step 2: Planning, Supplies, and Tools

Picture of Planning, Supplies, and Tools
Depending on the size of your stand, first decide how large you want the base to be. This will determine how much material you will need. I did not want to cut any blocks, as I do not have a chisel or brick saw. So based on the 6X6 inch and 9X6 inch blocks from Lowes, I settled on a 3 ft X 3 ft area.

One deceivingly complex task is to figure out the block pattern you want to use. Try drawing it out first to see what you like. Once you have the pattern count the blocks and sizes you need to purchase.

My pattern required 16 - 9X6's and 12 - 6X6's.

Now go get some drainage rock for the foundation.
I wanted a 3 inch stone base so 3 X 3 X 0.25 = 2.25 cubic feet
The Drainage Rock from lowes was $3.38 per .5 cubic feet. Therefore I needed 5 bags.

I also wanted 1 inch of sand to place the bricks on and make them level. 3 X 3 X .083 = 0.75 cu ft
Quickrete All purpose Sand is ~$3.50 per .5 cu ft. I used 3 bags taking into account me not leveling properly and to fill in between the blocks.

Material list:
16 - 9X6 block ($1.14/each)
12 - 6X6 block ($0.74/each)
5 bags- Drainage Rock ($3.38/bag)
3 bags- Sand (~$3.50/bag)

Spray paint (not necessary but makes it easier keeping your cut straight)
Spade shovel or edger
Digging Shovel
Tape measure
Length of wood (screen out sand)
Tamper (if you got one, not completely necessary)
wilsone03 years ago
Nice instructable....where did you get your fire stand, I haven't seen one like it?
the_Magnificent_Macak (author)  wilsone03 years ago
I believe I picked it up at a big box home store, Home Depot or Lowes. I recently replaced it, the bottom rusted out, but I could not find one like it myself.
jdaley997023 years ago
That turned out very nice! My only question is about the dead grass that won't grown and why you didn't put the stones on that area?
Good question. I was more concerned with the placement of the fire stand. The grass did eventually grow back.
Takelababy3 years ago
The soil becomes dirt. Spreading 1/2" of potting soil will have the grass coming back in in no time, otherwise it takes about 3 years.