Introduction: Block House

Picture of Block House

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

Book shelfs Furnaces
Butter ore Stone crafting bench thing
Beds Glass blocks
Quartz slabs Wooden stairs
Stone slabs Chests
Bricks Oak logs
Wooden planks
Nether brick
Sand stone blocks

Step 2: Base

Picture of Base

Make 12-12 base out of stone slabs

Step 3: Floor

Picture of Floor

Make a checker board pattern like it shows in the picture

Step 4: Conner #1

Picture of Conner #1

Make half a pyramid out of wooden planks like it shows in the picture

Step 5: Conner #2

Picture of Conner #2

Do the same thing butt make it out of butter ore

Step 6: Final Conner

Picture of Final Conner

Make this one out of bricks

Step 7: Entrance

Picture of Entrance

Make it out of oak logs like the picture shows

Step 8: Adding the Inside

Picture of Adding the Inside

Add chests to Conner #1

Step 9: Adding to Conner #2

Picture of Adding to Conner #2

In this one add 2 beds and a book shelf

Step 10: Adding to the Last Conner

Picture of Adding to the Last Conner

Put both crafting benches and some furnaces in to it

Step 11: Adding to the Entrance

Picture of Adding to the Entrance

Make a pillar thats 4 blocks hight like the picture and add the wooden steps

Step 12: Now the Glass

Picture of Now the Glass

Put the glass in like the picture shows

Step 13: And Finally the Roof

Picture of And Finally the Roof

We made the roof out of quartz slabs

Step 14: Thanks Dudes

Picture of Thanks Dudes

Thanks for looking or watching whatever please leave a comment and a like and tell me what I could to make these better thanks


blackholeseeker (author)2015-02-05

This is pretty cool but u guys should check out my instructable with working redstone!! here is the link:

Austydude (author)2014-07-18

Cool house dude!

jo connor1 (author)2014-07-03


minime gaming (author)2014-01-03

I hope you guys like this one it took a long time so thanks for all you've done so far

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