Block-Printing With Things You Can Find in the Trash





Introduction: Block-Printing With Things You Can Find in the Trash

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Here is a quick 3 step video tutorial about how you can make little rubber stamps from common household items.

This tutorial even shows you how to make a linoleum cutter (like the ones used in linoleum block printing)

Step 1: What You Need to Find...

 You Will Need:

>White eraser
>Little butane torch (you could bend the blade by hand, but it will almost always break)
>Rubber Stamping ink

Step 2: Step 1 Making the Carving Tool

Bending a razor blade into a cutting tool. 

Step 3: Step 2 Making the Carving Tool

 Making a handle to hold the cutting tool.

Step 4: Step 3 Actually Making the Stamp

Carving a design.



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    Wow great idea nepheron!!!

    You could easily make a mini scorp or a J shaped hooked /crooked knife that are both pull/cutting tools...!!!

    Great tutorial....!!!

    1 reply

    What you have made with the above tutorial is in fact a mini type plane tool...

    Very ingenious, how did you come up with this idea....???

    I love your silent videos! Seriously, it was nice to see and not hear, and so clear. You've got me excited to give this a try again. Thank you for your time and the nice videos. :O)

    would it help if it was completely horizontal (the dowel)?

    Right on, man! Great tutorial.

    thanx for sharing, nice idea for making chisel, and cool stamps design.

    Very nice work. Cheap, well-made, and very effective. All things I deem necessary for a great instructable.

    Hi! Nice ible! I've just made a stamp using a hobby knife by carving a V shape. Turned out pretty good! But I'm kinda worried that if I make a really intricate pattern the eraser might break. Any other materials you can think of? (aside from Sugru)
    By the way, AWESOME stamps!

    2 replies

    Thanks :)

    Try using erasers, they are a bit softer and more resilient than sugru.

    What I meant was that I made the stamp out of an eraser =) But in due time, the eraser will wear out... Maybe something like a cut up squash ball would work?

    Thank you so much! Your tool has inspired me to create a variation. I gave reference to this instructable, if thats okay with you?

    1 reply

    That's great!
    Nice instructables!

    ok this is really slick, but text would be nice as well.

    Now to make the designs such as the ones shown would you just make a tighter "u" bend when heating the metal to achieve a cutter that could cut out more detailed lines and patterns?
    great ible btw!

    1 reply


    Yes, the tighter the U shape, the more detail you can achieve. Just make sure it's extra hot for a tight bend, or it will crack (it's very brittle steel)

     I used a regular knive, it looks much easier with your bended razor blade. Thanks for showing me this!

    Very cool. I'm inspired. 5*