Block Trigger Mods




Introduction: Block Trigger Mods

i dont know why i've never seen this on instructables but here is my block trigger mod that will close automatically.

Step 1: Another Version

This one is ambidextrious (it goes boyh ways.)

Step 2: Last One

another style

Step 3: Done



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    this is a mod? most block triggers do this on their own if you just reposition the firing pin band.

    uh... on most block trigger guns the rubberband on the ram will pull the trigger into place, and on those that it doesn't gravity will... this has been a well known fact for some time now...

    Is stupidity like a contagious disease here in instructables? Seriously...

    Holy crap, you're still active?

    Yeah, haven't been visiting this site much lately.

    Ha!!!!! he said it goes both ways!!!

    Yeah, sorry, but about every block trigger gun closes automatically, try to research more next time?

    oh dear... this is on just about every decent gun that has a block trigger. Killerk's gun has an auto lock trigger even.