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Well first off, You need a netgear router.I don't know what other routers it works on but you can try it. My Router is a netgear WGT624 v3. There is a simple way to block ads. The page also loads faster too!
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Step 1:

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Simply type in

-A window should pop up. Enter your password
-In the left menu, click on block sites.
*Make sure you have the "Keyword blocking" set to always.

In the blocked sites window, type each one of these websites into the keyword box and click enter. Do them one at a time.

At the bottom of the window, click apply, then in the left window, click logout. Most of the ads are blocked now. The router can not block flash ads though... I am still trying to get it to block them.

Step 2: Block future ads.

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Still see ads? Right click on it to make sure its not a flash ad. If it is, it will say things like zoom or rewind etc. If it isnt, it will say save image, copy image etc. If so, right click the ad and click on copy link location. Paste the link into the block site keywords like you did with that long list I gave you.
mycroftxxx5 years ago
Awesome instructable. Just did it with my WGR614v4
twocvbloke5 years ago
Thanks for this, I have a Netgear MR814v2, which has a different IP (ends with .0.1 rather than .1.1), but having those damned ads blocked before they even get to my computers is very handy indeed... :D I also use Firefox with ABP, but I have older 'puters which are too slow for FF, so IE is their main source of entertainment... :)
fwjs285 years ago
this can be done with most any just have to tinker around....for me, it was under parental controls (actiontec wg704-g)
is there a way to avoid having that annoying blocked by netgear message
spamman6 years ago
An easier way is to use firefox and install the Ad Block Plus plugin. It already has most advertising sites listed in it, plus it self updates and can block flash.
Computer Maker 101 (author)  spamman6 years ago
Well the reason I posted this is for people who aren't comfortable downloading programs. I was just giving them an alternative.
Not trying to be rude, but this is a lot more intensive than downloading firefox, as accidentally messing up the configuration of your router will keep you from connecting online. But this does work too. It's just much harder. If you look at Ad Block Plus, it blocks far more sites, and you don't have to type them in.
Computer Maker 101 (author)  spamman6 years ago
I understand that I am just showing an alternative method. Just for people who trust other programs and such.