Blocking Annoying Ads on Websites


Introduction: Blocking Annoying Ads on Websites

Are you being annoyed by ads? do you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera as your browser? Well consider yourself lucky, today i'm going to tell you how to block ads with just a few clicks. First visit the AdBlock Plus website - Click on the big Intall button and follow the instructions. If your browser warns you to install extensions from only people you trust, don't worry, adblock plus is 100& virus free. Next, if you are on Chrome click on the AdBlock Plus logo in the URL bar. You can enable it or disable it for the current website or block an ad that AdBlock missed out on from here. Thanks for reading my tutorial!



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    great as a chrome plugin, stops those annoying adverts

    I really recommend Adblock Plus. It is really good.

    I have ABP and Ghostery on both Chromium and Firefox, and they're awesome, don't gotta deal with any sort of ads, basically, an ad blocker of some sort will benefit you no matter what OS platform you run on, be it Windows, OSX, Linux, or FreeBSD.

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