Picture of Blood Background Effect In Photoshop CS2
I was messing around in photoshop making a gimp care bare (as you can see in the background of my photoshop. LAWL.) and I came across a nice way to make a blood background maybe for a signature or avatar or what not and I'll teach you how to make it!
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Step 1: New Document

Picture of New Document
Okay, you're going to start off by creating a new 5 inch by 5 inch document.

Step 2: Fill it in

Picture of Fill it in
Alright, go ahead and take your paint bucket tool select black or blackish color and fill in the new document/layer with black.

Step 3: Render Fibers

Picture of Render Fibers
The picture is selecting clouds but what you're actually going to do is select fibers instead of clouds.

Step 4: You've got fibers!

Picture of You've got fibers!
Now your picture should look something like what I have, you should leave the defaults for a look like i have or you can play with it, it really doesn't matter it will still look like our base idea.

Step 5: Your difference clouds!

Picture of Your difference clouds!
Now go ahead and go back to filter then render then difference clouds, you can do this once or for a better effect do it twice.
(check picture)

Step 6: The Finale!

Picture of The Finale!
Okay now your going to change the hue and saturation, but don't fret I have the settings for that right here, or you can play around with it a little and create your own little effect.
Once you're done with that you can add text or some wierd little picture because I know how freaky all you instructatards are ; P just joking! But yep thats the basis of it all and it's really simple and easy to understand!
ginger200373 years ago
lol, makes me think the care bear blew up! xD I love it!
cool thanks for the tip...heres what I did with it.
How u made this pic its Awesome....!!!!!!!!
THank you, I made this about 2 years ago and forgot I was on this site...Sorry for not replying right away. I followed the steps in the tutorial for blood background effect. I used a photo of myself and used overlay to put the effect on my face and not the background,
hi brooklynbettie, wow that looks awesome can you tell me how you did it please, is the face a picture of you? (want to use pic of me and create the image the way you have)
Looks like a gears of war type thing
IamTheCreator (author)  brooklynbettie6 years ago
ooooooooooooooooooooooo nice :D
Can't do this in Photoshop7- no Fibers. I'm sad now
pinkmonkey6 years ago
does it have to be 5x5 coz i want to make a video and have this as the front screen /beggining photo pleesee reply and thanks
JakeTobak8 years ago
I did something like this a while ago for a sig.
1. Set foreground=red and background=black
2. Render > Clouds
3. Render > Fibers
Never did the Difference Clouds though.
Here's what I ended with, you can really see the "Fibers"
*Sorry, having trouble uploading the image here