Blood Splattered Extra Satanic Deviled Eggs

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The only thing I like better than Halloween is the combination of Halloween and a bad joke. So "deviled eggs" were an obvious choice. Adding food color and blood just made them a little weirder.

Step 1: Ingredients

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This recipe is designed for a half dozen eggs, resulting in 12 finished pieces.

6 eggs
1 tsp (or more) vegetable seasoning
a few tbsps of miracle whip or mayonnaise
red, black and green icing color (it's thicker than normal food color and has some sugar in it, but the sugar won't really be noticeable)
1 tbsp paprika
red pepper (for decoration)

I included sesame and poppy seeds in the picture because they would make nice rocks/gravel/other creepy Halloweenish decorations, but I decided not to use them.

If you can get vegetable seasoning from Market SpiceMarket Spice (based in Seattle) do it. It's really exceptionally tasty, and is the best thing ever to replace salt on french fries.
jobard4 years ago
Excellent instructable. I loved it.
Vendigroth7 years ago
Really, the crosses you put in should have been upside down.....
technoplastique (author)  Vendigroth7 years ago
You're absolutely right. Really, after doing these, theming food is so much fun....
If your going to put them in upside down, make sure to make them longer, so they stand up and dont just look like a stick poking out. I know its obvious, but it has to be said or people wont think of it.
Kaiven7 years ago
:D looks yummy... ill see if i can convince my mom.....
Very nice! Love the colors. Quick tip about peeling boiled eggs - they peel much easier if they are a few days old. Also makes them easier to peel if you immediately shock them in an ice water bath after removing them from the boiling water with a slotted spoon.
technoplastique (author)  typingmonkey7 years ago
Yeah, I put them in cold water and didn't even think to mention that!
canida7 years ago
Wow, those are absolutely revolting!
Nice job!

I'm thinking some leg-things so it looks like the yolk filling is about to climb out and slime you would be particularly lovely, but it would take them in a different direction.
technoplastique (author)  canida7 years ago
Aww, thanks! There really is no way to make Halloween food TOO gross! I can really see your idea having some really disturbing potential...