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Introduction: Blood Spurting Knife Wound

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Make a gory Hollywood style bloody knife wound with spine tingling results. Perfect for Halloween or film SFX.

From the Make Halloween Edition by Zack Stern

Step 1: What You Need...

1. Knife. Pick a cleaver style knife with a decent sized blade.
2. Small diameter plastic or vinyl tubing
3. Baby medicine dropper or turkey baster
4. Hot glue
5. Dremel or grinder

Step 2: Prepare the Knife...

Make a measurement of your forearm by holding the knife down on your arm (CAREFULLY!). Make two marks on both sides of your arm and then draw a rough arc.

Step 3: Make It...

Put the knife in a vise or use clamps to hold it down firmly. Once secure, begin cutting the arc using the tool of your choice. I used a Dremel and was surprised that one cutting blade made the entire cut.

WARNING: Be sure to wear safety goggles and gloves.

Then using a grinder or file, flatten out ALL of the blade edges and corners. Carefully test it with your finger to make sure it is not sharp. We don't want to draw real blood.

Using hot glue, secure the tubing to the blade. You may want to test the blade on your arm for the best location of the tubing so the 'blood' squirts out at the right spot.

Step 4: Use It...

Make some fake blood or buy a small tube of it. There a quite a few recipes for fake blood on the internet if you want to go the hard way.

This effect works best with long sleeves. Run the end of the tube up your sleeve and down your shirt or jacket. Suck up some blood using the medicine dropper or baster and attach it to the open end of the tube. Your hollywood effect is ready to use.

Lay the knife down on your arm and slowly squeeze out the blood as you make a spine-tingling scream!

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween SFX Instructable!



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    like death but coool

    AAUUUGHHH!!! I forgot to cut out the arc in the knife!!!... ... (*tears) I want my arm back...

    ...Just Kidding 5 stars

    do you know how hard it is to cut through hardened steel? not all people have diamond-coated dremel bits

    You can make a pretty realistic knife from duct tape, so there's always that.

    uhh yeah, but they are $7 on ebay. a simple 2 second google search proved that.

    Wow really there are diamond coated bits?