Blood Writing Pen Pump





Introduction: Blood Writing Pen Pump

This is an art project that I did a few years back.



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    Really sick,Im gonna make myself one.

    could you by chance make a how to on how you made it ? ( im trying to start up a steampunk business and well this is just to cool lols think its something that would be fun to make ( even if jsut for my self )

    This is more or less just an art project that is just for looks... but it would be great if it did work.

    It wouldn't be hard to switch out the tip section for a working ink fed quill pen with dark red ink, over even "fake blood". I would have maybe ran some red fluid in the tubing as well. Sweet idea, may give it a go for a steampunk outfit I am working on.

    dissapoint. i was all like SWEET then i was dissapoint.

    Good for signing away things like your Soul I suppose.

    "Write in your own blood, gives one that incentive to keep things short and to the point..." great prop. now all you need is a little moulage supply in the wristband to mark with for that "holy crap he really did it" effect

    a lot more info on parts and builds would be greatly appreciated

    Oh, definitely!

    A step-by-step would make a great Hallowe'en project!