Blood Stained Cannon





Introduction: Blood Stained Cannon

This is my first instructable so if you want to be nice then...Thankyou.

This is my new cannon that fires roughly 20-30 feet depending on what elastic band you have handy. This is quite an easy cannon to make hope you enjoy.

Knex rules :)

Please note that i do not take any responsibility for misuse or stupidity with this cannon.

Step 1: The Basics

First off all you will need the following:

14 red connectors
1 elastic band
1 grey clip
3 red rods
2 blue rings (speed demons)
3 white rods

Step 2: The Butt of the Cannon

This step is easy. Just take 7 red connectors and clip them on to a red rod. (See picture)

Step 3: Adding Half the Trigger and the Barrell

For the next step slide a grey connector down the red rod and clip 3 red connectors after it.

Step 4: The Rest of the Trigger and the Barrell

The next step is to add a white rod to the grey connector and add a red connector to the end of the red rod.

Make sure that it is on the end of the rod!!

Step 5: The Other Half of the Gun

For this, step slide 2 blue rings (speed demons) down the red rod and clip to the other side of the cannon.

Step 6: The Ram

This is a special ram that i have constructed and would definately recommend for any other gun or cannon.

This is a bit fiddly so please take time but it is almost indestructable.

All you need to do is take 3 red connectors and 2 white rods and assemble like the picture. But make sure that you conect them to a red rod.

Step 7: Adding the Elastic Band

To add the elastic band you should take off the red connector at the front off the cannon. Then hook the elastic band around the red rod and the ram. (see picture To get the trigger to automaticaly flick down pull the elastic band over it from the opposite side.

To get the red connector back on you should pull the ram back until it locks in place and the click it on then release the ram.

To fire the cannon pull back the ram and slot any rod (in my opinion the best are the yellow but the shorter the better because they will go further) in the end of it and pull the trigger away from the cannon and hey presto!

Now you're ready to go......Enjoy



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i'm not a k'nex monkey...but...i like your little "supplies card" that shows how many of which parts you used...that's a very creative method and i haven't seen anyone doo such a thing for a k'nex instructable...nice touch can't comment on the contraption though...

Actually it almost seems to be a (poor) standard practice:

Frankly I think it's redundant and only shows that you don't know how to utilize the best feature of the Instructables interface.

Hey, what are those crazy yellow boxes for? You can add text to an image? And it goes away when you don't need it? No way!!!11

you put down 3 cool guns the cannon the KILLERK pistol and the semi automatic even though they do not seem cool to all these uppity-stuck builders some people like them.

wow you just managed to put down some of the best guns ever

hmm. Maybe that says something about K'nex guns in general.

I don't see how this is bad practice. They're just as easy to use as the yellow boxes and you don't have to mouseover every time to check numbers.

Actually alot of people use supply cards just look, but I don't

this and the splodies are just about the only k'nex guns i can make, so i'll try it later, maybe add some more bits

you can only build this? and splodies? thats sad, man.

yup. i can build even less stuff now, cos some of the bits have got lost.