Bloody Broken Glass Candy Cupcakes for Halloween

This is best as a 2 day project for cooling and futzing. It will take a few hours to do right. You can save time buying the cupcakes and icing, but the candy glass you will have to make (but it is really fun) chemistry is like magic. The last page has the ingredients and short version on one page to refer to while making everything.



Cupcake Base:
1 Can white frosting ( or make your own from icing sugar, a bit of crisco, and water)
1 Box Red Velvet Cake Mix (or other flavour)
3 Eggs

Sugar Glass:
2 cups water
1 cup light corn syrup (the clear white one, not golden)
3 1/2 cups white sugar
1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
(some sort of grease or spray to grease the cookie sheet)

Edible Blood:
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/4 cup water, or more as needed
15 drops red food colouring
1 drop blue food colouring

Various measuring cups and bowls
Candy Thermometer that goes to 300F (or bowl of cold water to do it the risky way)
Cookie sheet
Cupcake pans and cups
Hammer or heavy implement
 Whisk or wooden spoon
Large sauce pan
White tray for display
Toothpick or pin to pop bubbles in the hot candy glass
Spatula to scoop out corn syrop from measuring cup
Tongs ideally to avoid fingerprints in candy

Step 1: Making Cupcakes

You can buy ready made cupcakes to save time or make them from a box or scratch. My partner and I bought a red velvet cake mix at the store and just followed the instructions. Box made 20.

Fill the cups 1/2-2/3 full to get cupcakes that just fill the paper cups without making "muffin tops" overflow. White cups work the best as they show the red cake through and look more medical. The drips look better on them too.

We just used a can of frosting..but it would have been a bit better thicker. Next time I would make it from scratch and thick. It kind of melted being beside the warm oven. Best to do the next day, on a cool day.
<p>I soon have to try this!</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p><strong>SO SICK! SO COOL!! x^) .... this is pure genius!</strong></p>
<p>First try at the candy glass turned out too yellow (simmered too slow, too long). Second try worked beautifully (full rolling boil). I also pulled it from the heat at about 290 F, anticipating the temperature would continue to rise a bit. This worked perfectly.</p>
Im planning on making these tomorrow, I am doing a few things different, im just going to use devils food cake for the cupcakes, and im going to fill the center after they are done with cherry pie filling (so it gives it even more of a bleeding look when you bite in), and using the syrup from the cherry pie filling to splatter on top. Hoping it will give it a slightly better taste than just pure sugar blood.
How far in advance can you make these? The glass is what I'm worried about...
<p>What does the Cream of tartar do for the recipe?? Similar recipes don't call for it, and Martha Stewarts site only calls for sugar and water, nothing else.</p>
As with the corn syrup which helps prevent the sugar from recrystallizing by blocking crystal formation..the cream of tartar also helps by turning sugar into fructose and glucose.
<p>This is what I did today &lt;3</p>
What does the blood end up tasting like?
<p>sugary water.</p>
<p>I love this instructable thank you so much</p>
<p>I did make them and they were great I will most definitly make them again this year!!! Thanks !</p>
My glass turned yellow and it didn't get hard. what do you think is the problem?
<p>too hot too fast</p>
<p>too hot too fast</p>
Do you know of anything you could use instead of light corn syrup? Can't get it in Ireland, the usual substitute is golden syrup, but as the name suggests it's not clear.
I'm in Australia, and I used glucose syrup.
<p>Corn syrup is typically Glucose unless you get the high Fructose stuff, so basically it is the same... Good info tough, thanks!</p>
http://www.myamericanmarket.com/us/home/kosher-foods/karo-light-corn-syrup <br> <br>or add food colouring and call it a beer bottle, mold over a real bottle <br>
Great thanks!
Looks so tasty,mmm:)
Fun. I was up against the clock, so my yearbook students ended up with beer bottle glass in their cupcakes. They ate 'em up though.
Excellent instructions! I was terrified to try making the sugar glass, but your instructions walked me through so well; thank you! This is an excellent Halloween treat and I will use it from now on? Good luck!
Edible shot glasses! OR crunches a la Big Mama in Dr Detroit!
i like the glass idea super cool hope you place in the contest!!!! <br> <br> P.S <br> Happy Halloween
I made these last year and much like solipsism, had a lot of fun with it! My coworkers were a little hesitant at first but they must have changed their minds after trying them since I won first place in work's Halloween dessert contest. Great Instructable, Craig, very informative!
The brain was a nice touch!
no name! Reminds me of shopping when visiting family in Canada! Can't wait to try these.
All you need to do is add yellow ribbons of soft candy or frosting and they will be &quot;Crime Scene Cupcakes&quot;!
Credit where credit is due; this recipe is actually from the book &quot;A zombie ate my cupcake&quot; by Lily Vanilli. She makes some really awesome stuff, I recommend you all look her up!
credit would go to the victorian age at least...hardly something invented in a book last year.
I wonder if this technique would work to remove all the bubbles from the mix? <br> <br>http://youtu.be/WtodXHMDOP8?t=4m7s
Sweet we have got to try this one. Thank you for this!!!!
What a spooky fun idea!
These look awesome, will definitely do for our Halloween party - thank you!!
paint that glass blue, make breaking bad candy, earn millions. repeat.
These really are funny
I'm afraid to bite into one... Which is a sign of a job well done!
Fantastic. I'm so doing this.
Wow! Very impressive.
That ia so disgusting! Man I love Halloween!
This is so amazingly disturbing, I LOVE IT!!!! What a great Halloween snack!
I have never baked before but I am about to begin thanks for this :)
Love step 5 :) <br>We have tried to make the glass last year and our guests were freeked out :) <br>Really nice in muffin version!
Ahahah! Impressive!!
This. Is. Freaking. Awesome!!!! Fantastic job!!! So real yet so yummy
Really awesome!

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