Step 10: Bake Till Golden Brown

Your oven should be ready now to put your skin in. Bake for about 50 minutes until baklava is golden and crisp. Watch it about every 15 mins so you do not burn the dish. 
Haha you should replace the blood with strawberry jam and blackberry sauce for the blood
Very Creative. I would suggest that you add the vanilla after the syrup has cooled otherwise you boil off all of the flavor. Vanilla is alcohol based and evaporates when boiled.
I'm slightly concerned that this person knows what baked skin looks like! <br> <br>Just kidding. It looks great, and I love baklava.
I love baklava too - I was suprised as how easy it is to make and so yummy too!!! Bloody or not it was very good - I ate atleast 6 pieces in the process of making this instructable :)
Gross! <br> <br>Just Kidding. It looks so realistic! This is awesome!
Well, I will never look at baklava the same way again!<br><br>But these look great, and would be a fantastic Halloween or horror treat. Nice.
Things were going fine, until you whipped out that bag of pus...
When I was shopping for all the ingredents ..... I came across the jar of lime curd. It totally looked perfect! <br>Thanks for the comment!
<br> Mmm, nice.<br> <br> L<br>
:) - they are very tasty!
i almost wouldnt want to eat it....(looks nice)
Wow, bloody great Baclava idea! Very creative recipe! :)<br> <br> Btw, for any that may be interested, I earn my entire living from clicking on web advertisements 10 minutes a day. Well it does help that life is cheap around here, but anyway... If you want to give it a try, <a href="http://www.neobux.com/?rh=73736F6C7570">join for free and click a few ads.</a>.<br> <br> Still, cheers for the baclava, love it! (pity I'm avoiding carbs on my diet)...
mm sounds tasty ! &gt;:D vampire food<br>
Those look awesome! You make the best Halloween food...
Hey Thanks!! I love halloween and making up gross but yummy to eat too!!

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