Introduction: Bloody Mary's to Die For!!!

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Step 1: Gather Ingredients

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We use Joe's Crab Shack mason jars, they work perfect!

Vodka, we use Kirkland brand (Costco)
Bloody Mary mix, we use Zing Zang
Worcestershire sauce
1/2 medium lemon for 2 drinks

Step 2: Add Ice

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As pictured

Step 3: Add Vodka

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As pictured, should fill up to around the word "SHACK" on the glass.

Step 4: Add Bloody Mary Mix

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As pictured, just below the top line of the jar.

Step 5: Add Clamato

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As pictured on the left jar

Step 6: Add Worcestershire Sauce

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2 shakes of a lambs tail!

Step 7: Add Horseradish

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As pictured.

Step 8: Add Lemon

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Use 1/2 of a medium lemon between the 2 drinks

Step 9: Enjoy!!!

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We like to sometimes add large green stuffed olives and olive juice. Your preference!

Hope you all enjoy!


coggsSDSMT (author)2013-12-05

Where's the Bacon?

NickelRoc (author)2013-11-27


dgee5 (author)2013-11-24

It's called a Bloody Caesar not Bloody Mary.......

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