Picture of Bloody Prank
This is an easy DIY prank that can be used as an April fool prank or in Halloween. It might be dangerous to do, so you have to be very careful and use safety tools.

The idea about this prank is to fool someone that you have cut your finger out with the kitchen knife. it involves optical illusion a real knife and some acting.

I will enter the April fool's prank contest with this one but i really like the Stealth Bumper and i think it should win, nice job Fungus.

I have almost 60 more prank ideas but time is something I really don't have.

Step 1: First Step: Tools

Picture of First Step: Tools
Step One:

Tools used for this prank are found everywhere.

1. You will have to buy a new cheap and not so thick knife.
2. Epoxy
3. Red paint. I used a red pen you can use a red Epoxy as well.
4. Your ring
5. A round file or a rotary tool
6. Lot of tissues
7. A marker

Gunter1872 months ago

wow that's sooooo cool

Rare李若曦6 months ago
ha ha
thundercookie9 months ago



So nasty

Dr.Paj5 years ago
If you do this prank correctly, it looks real.

If you do this prank incorrectly, it is real.

As I see it, no matter what, people will scream.


epicface1232 years ago
Nice... My brother freaked out...
wow wow wow wow WOW
deweycat4 years ago
Nykus795 years ago
I did very simliar prank to my young brother. He fainted when he saw those fake blood spill
ha ha! poor him
luckymehere5 years ago
Cool prank :)))
Nice!!!!!   Have you done the prank to anyone?
abusalem (author)  rabiddemonweasel5 years ago
No not yet
13245 years ago
that is a great prank :)
abusalem (author)  13245 years ago
ohh lol im so stupid. for a second i was like WHERE DO YOU GET THE FAKE FINGER FROM? but then i read it over and i was like oh! he put his finger in the slot!
fruitkid1015 years ago
You Might want to "de-sharpen" the knife with the file. Not too much to remove the real-ness but just enough so that it won't cut anything without real effort.
Danmaan5 years ago
I bet a dremel would make easy work out of that part... Looks good though!
siedpe135 years ago
cool, i have this one large knife at my house with an inch of the tip broken off and ive pretended like ive dropped on my foot or stabbed my arm
abusalem (author)  siedpe135 years ago
Add some artificial blood to it for more credibility.
thepelton5 years ago
This reminds me of a prank item from when I was a kid.  It consisted of (1)a small box with a hole in the bottom and a lid. (2)Some cotton, enough to make padding in the box, and (3)some red coloring.  You put one of your fingers through the hole in the bottom of the little box with the red coloring on the knuckle, right where it appearred to be severed in the box.  Then you put the lid on, and popped it open to show someone who was a little squeamish.
I used to do that all the time. My fingers are double-jointed, so I could keep the 'severed' part completely flat inside the box, making it look even more realistic.
abusalem (author)  thepelton5 years ago
Ya, remember that. cool one specially when you start moving your finger around like it came back from the dead.
 wow, thats awesome!

abusalem (author)  Apple_4_life5 years ago
Thank you, your pranks are cool also

If I did this my mom would hurt me. I've gotten cut (like, in need of stiches cut) way to many times.  By the way, might want to add something about dulling the knife before working on it, it seems obvious, but people are crazy. (I didn't see that tidbit, but could have read right over it)
abusalem (author)  oldanvilyoungsmith5 years ago
You are correct. will add a warning, thanks
ariviera5 years ago
abusalem (author)  ariviera5 years ago
Thanks alot
=SMART=5 years ago
 Wow really good one !
abusalem (author)  =SMART=5 years ago