Step 5: Final Step: Acting

Picture of Final Step: Acting
Step Five: Faking it...

You can scream, shot for help, fake a coma or act surprised, all these work.

Another thing might help is to use more red paint to make some blood drops on the floor.

This is it. I hope you like it.

One more thing i want to say. Try not to use these pranks with old people.

Enjoy April.

Nykus795 years ago
I did very simliar prank to my young brother. He fainted when he saw those fake blood spill
ha ha! poor him
13245 years ago
that is a great prank :)
abusalem (author)  13245 years ago
siedpe135 years ago
cool, i have this one large knife at my house with an inch of the tip broken off and ive pretended like ive dropped on my foot or stabbed my arm
abusalem (author)  siedpe135 years ago
Add some artificial blood to it for more credibility.