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An automatic sliding trigger, a self-locking oodammo magazine, and a vertical magazine all in one. There's not much more you can cram into a gun of this size. The oodammo magazine has a block trigger to hold the mag pusher when not in use, and the magazine can also be tilted back, flipping and locking without the need of rubber bands. The vertical magazine takes four green rods with ease, and can even hold five on a stretch. The sliding trigger moves without the aid of rubber bands. The handle is incredibly comfortable and fits naturally in my hand. I could go on forever about how incredibly well it functions, but I'll cut to the chase: 'Bloom' is a statement of a secondary in a K'nex war - incredibly reliable and adaptable.

Hopefully, there will be a video soon, and maybe even an instructable if there is enough interest.

"It's what keeps me alive."

(Gun's Theme: Radiohead - Bloom)

(Anyone confused on the mechanics of K'nex guns should see this guide.)



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    Internals, please? I really want to build this.

    Please post this!

    Very nice to see you building again DOP (I missed your other builds, sorry), this looks great! Small and compact :-)

    Voted! :D

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    Thanks for the vote. I'm glad you enjoy my work! (No need for apologies; whenever you make your way down to the dark owl party train is a good time.)

    Great! I'm glad you still can sneak a gun every once in a while! I'm liking picture number 5! Kind of creepy yet tactical... Nice! Will vote!

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    Oh, you two. I'm glad I could sneak this one in there, too, although to be honest, my parents are sort of giving building the blind eye at this point, although I've been a bit careful about when I build. I feel like I'm gradually slipping in to full rights, and am very near the end. Darn it, I forgot to tell TD that. I'll do that later. ¬_¬

    Great! Hopefully you'll be around more! :P

    WAIT! It has a horizontal mag and a oodammo one? I'd love it see internals! VOTED!

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    Yes, it does. I'm about to upload the video, but I'm a bit tired, so it might be another day until the internals, my friend. It has now gotten bigger for power, functionality, and layout purposes, and is now 'Bloom XL.'

    Awesome! Can't wait to see it.

    Here's hoping you can keep dishing out creative creations like this without getting in trouble. On one hand, it does look a little funky, but on the other, it's unique in that way instead of looking like 90% of other oodammo pistols.

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    It's also got the Vertical Magazine, along with the oodammo to set it apart too. I'm uploading the video moments after I type this, so if you want to see it, come on down. I've enlarged it for functionality's sake, and it's now called Bloom XL.

    Very creative I love it! I really can't fully appreciate it without a good video so get working on that! Lol all in all looks nice.

    Nice gat homie!