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This is a fun and cheap project.  It cost us under $10 and took us about 1 1/2 hours.  Be careful not to hurt anyone including yourself.  The darts are more powerful than you may think...which is why they are so much fun!  

Step 1: Materials

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To make the darts:
1. Ear plugs
2. Scissors
3. Pins (we used t-pins)
4. Wire cutters (only if you need to cut top of the pin).
5. Glue (we used super glue)

The gun:
6. 5/8" Plastic tube(s)

The target:
7. Cork board
8. Compass
9. Marker
10. Paint (we used acrylic ink)
11. Paint brushes 

Step 2: -1-

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Using your scissors, cut the ear plugs to make them 1/2" long keeping the tapered side for your dart. 

If you cut them too long they have a difficult time making their way through the tube.

Step 3: -2-

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If the blunt end of your pin is too large to fit through the tube, cut it off with the wire cutters.  

You may skip this step if you are using a different type of pin.

Step 4: -3-

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Quality control.

Make sure the ear plugs can make it through the tube, by inserting them into the tube, tapered side first, and blowing.

Step 5: -4-

Dip the blunt end of the needle in glue.

Then, push the needle through the center of the ear plug, so that the blunt end of the needle and the flat side of the ear plug are flush.

Step 6: -5-

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We color coded our darts by dipping them in acrylic ink so we could have four teams (four colors). 

Step 7: -6-

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Use a compass and marker to create circles on your cork target.  

We used a 12"X12"X1/2" piece of cork.  

You could also use foam core, dry wall, styrofoam, etc.

Step 8: -7-

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Paint the target with different colors, so you can keep score.

We used acrylic ink and crappy brushes.

Step 9: -8-

Wait for everything to dry (this is the worst part).  

Hang the target to desired height. 

Step 10: Ready

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Insert the dart, pin tip first.  

Push the dart into the tube so its entire body is inside.

Step 11: Aim

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Place your mouth around the end on the tube where you inserted the dart. 

Aim dart at desired area on target.

Step 12: Blow!

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Use your breath to shoot the dart out of the tube.  

There is something awesome about how powerful a little breath can be.  Such a fun game!
Remember that this can be dangerous.  Shooting another person, yourself, a cat, dog or any animal would cause wrath upon you and take all of your karma points away.  Please be nice.


Mr. tony stark (author)2012-09-24

okay but i don't think the cotton balls would work, they fall apart to easily. thanks anyway.

Mr. tony stark (author)2012-09-21

wow this looks cool i have a real blow gun and this looks just as good. is there any alternative to the ear plugs?

The reason why we like the ear plugs is that they are already in a bullet shape and they are somewhat pliable. You could probably also use makeup sponge material or cotton balls.

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