Blow Dryer and Straightener Holder




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Introduction: Blow Dryer and Straightener Holder

About: I am an amateur artist. And I am Christian/buddhist. It's weird to explain.

What you'll need:
-A 3x3x2 45 degree wye PVC pipe. Approx $3.99
-spray paint of your color choice
-paint markers

Step 1: Lay Out Newspaper and Paint Pipe

Spray paint the pipe away from your clothes and remember it helps to wear a scarf around your nose because of fumes.

-Be careful which way the wind is blowing

Step 2: Draw Designs

Use paint markers to draw designs.

Step 3: You're Done

You're pretty much done, wasn't that easy?



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    I madr this prior to seeing this and i used the same spray paint but when i wrny to seal it with the same brand it caused parts of it to bubble.. did you seal yours or not?

    Is the bottom open or did you put some kind of cap on it?

    No I didn't. As long as the blowdryer is in the middle it'll be able to hold up correctly. :)


    that's a cool idea. might build one for the teen. did you put any weight in the bottom to stabilize it? I have an idea to do so, but I have to look around at the hardware store to better visualize the solution.