Picture of Blow Pipe/Dart Gun Kit & Darts.
Small and simple Blow gun/Dart gun,east to make and cost free.
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Step 1:

Picture of
Really not much to it only 1 part intructable quick and simple fun and costless.

Collect 2 Old Pens and remove the insides,make sure they slot/connect to each other easily,one slightly inside the other,to make the barrel longer,and loading more easy,find an old container about half the length of a toothpick/cocktail stick i used a film cannister.

How to make the darts Cut half a cocktail/toothpick stick in half,now collect some 3 twine string,and unpick the thread on it,now grab some super glue and glue several pieces of Cut thread to the blunt end of the stick,and leave to dry in a piece of tack for a while,then just pop it into the front end of your blowpipe and connect it up and try it out.

Step 2: Play with it and test it out

Picture of Play with it and test it out
Make different kinds of ammo and darts experiment till you find what string and dart works best for you.
Might try using a tiny bit of tissue as wadding to increase the range.

May I ask question and not a stupid one, am mystery writer and need range for a simple blow gun propelled dart, IE like say an antique South American blow gun with poisoned dart used to kill someone, all fictional I swear to you, I just need the range thanks, carolynobrien52@yahoo.com thanks much