Picture of Blowable LED candle
What would you do when you suddenly remember the birthday of your friend, but you got no candle at home or office...
Well, that was the reason why I made this so that your friend can still make her/his wish on the spacial day.
The project is the result of improvisation, made of everything I could find in my office desk in 30 min. (I have a bit of strange selection on my desk.. but do not ask..) The principle is very simple. The connection between battery and LED is going through the tilt switch, which is placed vertically on the blow target paper. As you blow the target, it gets tipped over and the tilt switch lays horizontal, resulting to disconnect the connection between LED and the battery.

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Step 1: What you need

Here is what you need (or what I've used)

-1 LED
-1 button battery (3V)
-1 tilt switch
-some conductive thread (can be wire)


Step 2: Step 1: preparing the tilt switch

Picture of step 1: preparing the tilt switch
connect the conductive thread to tilt switch. Tilt switch is a very simple sensor, with 2 wires with mercury in a small glass container. If you tilt it too much, the mercury moves away from the wires and they are not connected anymore.

Make a loop at the end of each legs, and connect conductive thread by simply knotting them. You can also solder normal electric wires instead of using conductive thread.

Step 3: Step 2: prepare the target paper

Picture of step 2: prepare the target paper
The target paper should stand alone, and should get tipped over when you blow.
I have simply folded a small paper (I cut out the sticky part of a post it paper) into 90 degree, so it can stand.

Place double sticky tape on the paper and place conductive thread, then place a button battery. remember which direction you placed the battery.

newrising6 years ago
Do you know where i can get a tilt switch and some conductive thread or wire? If you can help, that would be great! Thanks, Adam
You can buy conductive thread at hobby stores and and a tilt switch can be found at radioshack sometimes.