Blowing Up Stuff With Capacitor Bank!





Introduction: Blowing Up Stuff With Capacitor Bank!

Don't try this at home.
I dug up some capacitors in the basement and decided to hook all of them up in parallel and see what happens when I short them out through different objects.
Stupid you might say, and it is. I'll probibly die of eletricution someday if not today....

Step 1: What Happens When You Hook It Up to 0.7 Pencil?

What happens when you hook it up to 0.7 pencil?

I saw in Popular Science that if you run low voltage and high current through carbon graphite rods, you will create a very intense light, that could possibly blind you if your not wearing welding goggles.

I tried it out with 0.7 pencil led and it was SUPER COOL~.
First the by-products in the led burst on fire, and then the whole piece was glowing intense red, and it seemed to sharpend the end of the led. Later I can product insanely intense light that is brighter than a camera flash with the sharpened end!

Please post more stupid or crazy ideas I should try.

Step 2: Hooking It Up to an LED


I first connected an LED to the cap bank in reverse, it got really hot and started to sizzle, and it stinks really really bad. Then I connected the LED in the correct polarity, and it blew up as soon as I connected the wire. The outer layer of LED blow up like a bomb, flying everywhere.Good thing I was waring my goggles, because 1 piece shot right at my eye.

Then I tried to hook up a LED to a fresh 9 volt battery, and it also exploded. Very cool.

Sorry no pictures.. The led exploded too quick for me to take a snap shot, I'll post an exploded led on here sometimes soon.

Step 3: Fun With Tin Foil

Here is what happens when you short out the cap bank with tin foil.



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    Where can you find this type of capacitors ? Is there anything I can dig into and take apart to pull something so big?

    If not where is a good place to buy them?

    It surely isn't brighter than a camera flash, they have more than 10kW usually

     WOW nice one!!!
    what whode happen if i user 2.5v 120F caps??(yes 120F caps!!!)
    is it will be strong like this to?

    No, supercaps have a very high ESR.

    Ive seen capacitors rated at 2.5vdc and 3000F!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I'm pretty sure you already know this, but wouldn't a switch let you set it off from a safer distance?

    no then the switch would arc and shock his hand defeating the entire purpose

    You could use a SCR to switch the currents, it would be a lot safer then just touching two wires together.

    Or you could just use a really long pole