Picture of Blowing up stuff with capacitor bank!
Don't try this at home.
I dug up some capacitors in the basement and decided to hook all of them up in parallel and see what happens when I short them out through different objects.
Stupid you might say, and it is. I'll probibly die of eletricution someday if not today....
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Step 1: What happens when you hook it up to 0.7 pencil?

Picture of What happens when you hook it up to 0.7 pencil?
What happens when you hook it up to 0.7 pencil?

I saw in Popular Science that if you run low voltage and high current through carbon graphite rods, you will create a very intense light, that could possibly blind you if your not wearing welding goggles.

I tried it out with 0.7 pencil led and it was SUPER COOL~.
First the by-products in the led burst on fire, and then the whole piece was glowing intense red, and it seemed to sharpend the end of the led. Later I can product insanely intense light that is brighter than a camera flash with the sharpened end!

Please post more stupid or crazy ideas I should try.

Step 2: Hooking it up to an LED

Picture of Hooking it up to an LED

I first connected an LED to the cap bank in reverse, it got really hot and started to sizzle, and it stinks really really bad. Then I connected the LED in the correct polarity, and it blew up as soon as I connected the wire. The outer layer of LED blow up like a bomb, flying everywhere.Good thing I was waring my goggles, because 1 piece shot right at my eye.

Then I tried to hook up a LED to a fresh 9 volt battery, and it also exploded. Very cool.

Sorry no pictures.. The led exploded too quick for me to take a snap shot, I'll post an exploded led on here sometimes soon.

Step 3: Fun with tin foil

Picture of Fun with tin foil
Here is what happens when you short out the cap bank with tin foil.
Bogomir675 years ago
We used to charge the caps and then throw them at somebody (from the rear, when he was not looking, anyway), and yell "CATCH". Out of reflex - everybody will, getting a ZAP... ... yeah, yeah, I got zapped myself a number of times that way...
I've done that. Too much fun to load up a cap with, say, 30 volts, then yell, "Think fast!" and toss it to someone. For more fun, bend the leads backwards and wear latex gloves, so that the outer edge of the cap has the leads running down it. The gloves keep you from getting zapped.
SteveUK7 years ago
When I was a kid, I used to just connect up a 9v battery to a high farad capacitor. Then I would use wires coming from the capacitor to makes sparks on tin foil. You can cut through the foil and it's a bit like a mini welding kit.
Thats what I did once, I paralleled two 6800uF audio capacitors,which cost nothing, then charged them to 12VDC. They charged pretty quickly and then I discharged them through a metal screwdriver. Big spark, temporerily magnetized screwdriver.
Where Did You Get Those Big Capacitors?!?!? How Much Did 1 Cost!?!?! I Bet 1 Costed $20 At Least
joinaqd6 years ago
why dont you make a door-knob shocker?put tape over the door-knob,then put aluminum foil and tape them on the sides and connect them to like 200volts and shock visitors coming to your home?
Unless you use small caps, You electrocute the person enough to have a heart fibrillation.
joinaqd6 years ago
how many uF are those caps?
i'm amazed you haven't tried making a rail gun or a coil gun with those.
louis2096 years ago
How could I make this
How much voltage dose it produce
jgg7 years ago
Good to see another setup like mine. I have a dozen cap's (25V), AL bus bars, SCR, and some heavy cable cobbled together to make a useful spot welder. Does a great job on thin gauge stainless sheet, and thermocouple beads (using a pure carbon electrode).
I'm pretty sure you already know this, but wouldn't a switch let you set it off from a safer distance?
What were you measuring on your meter?

Btw those are large capacitors!!
GoodAtIt (author)  technopenguin7 years ago
Are those LEDs on top of the fan?
KronoNaut7 years ago
With a little more thought, and a bit of wisdom, you could make a great mad scientist.
Karim8 years ago
Where do you get those bank things?
GoodAtIt (author)  Karim8 years ago
a garage sale
why have them just laying in your basement... you should have used them sooner...
Fiapo8 years ago
Great effects!!!! :D