Blown Ice





Introduction: Blown Ice

Have you imagined to be able to do something real with your blow?, something different from turn off a candle?, This is a interactive ice dispense that involves the blow like part of the mechanical system of the object.

THE OBJECT IS THIS: Is an ice dispenser, who is a cube, so, to use it, you blow to the front of the cube, an then the ice, comes from the bottom of the cube, that`s the experience, i`m trying to make.

Step 1: Concept

the main concept of the project is the exploration of the qualities that we possess as human beings, taking as tool the blow, and looking for to improve or to make but funn the interface of an object used in the house, i meda an interactive ice dispenser who involves this concept

Step 2: Using Technology - Wiring

I know that i have a lot of dreams but, in spite of that i live in real world, that`s why we need to find answer to our problems here, for this proyect i used Wiring (, a software that gives me the oportunity to make changes in the physic world, with the help of technology, first here is the list of elements that I use in the proyect in a technologic level:

-I/O Wiring board
- 1 Photoresistor
- 1 transistor L293D
- 1 stepper motor
- cables

The first thing is to connect to the Wiring board, the transistor L293D, who works as a controller for the stepper motor, the I/O board has some digital pins, so I conected the transistor to this pins acoording to he data chip. The motor has 4 outs, and two grounds. You can see here the circuit diagram to star your own proyect

Step 3: Using Technology - Photoresistor

The second part of the proyect who involves technology, is a photoresistor, this is a light sensor who sends data to the Wiring board depending on the light level

The, i used the photoresistor to activate the stepper motor, to activate the photoresistor values, i used a mecanism of a disk that you blow,

Step 4: Mecanical System - Motor Lever

when I already made all the circuit, and send the wiring program to the board, I, star to made the macanical system that goes in the cube,

The motor makes a rotation, that goes 25 degrees, wait for 2 seconds and then goes to the original position, so, I made a lever who goes link to the motor,

Step 5: Light and Disk

To continue with this step you have to make a support structure, to put it the mechancical system after I made the motor level, and all the technologic part, to complete the interior of the box, the next step ismake the mechanical part of the system, I made som kind of lantern and a disk with crosses,



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    "is it really easier to spend your time designing a complicated machine to preform a task that could bge done at the push of a button" Yes beacause... Who else will? -Cheers, Chris guys really are pretty mean about this stuff... all the project an ice dispenser that's turned on by blowing into a tube.... when you blow into the spins the "disk" turbine thingie...which..i'm assuming will react with the photosensor...the photosensor will then turn on the motor...which opens the chute at the bottom of the ice bucket...thereby dispensing ice... granted...this is probably the most complicated method of doing this (still not sure why you would use a photosensor...but then again...can't think of a reason not to..they're fun)but this is obviously a conceptual project...not really meant to replace the ice machine.. as thenickboy said...this thing could have implications for use with the disabled... you guys might concider growing up...instead of just always making fun of people's projects as a suggestion for the project itself...instead of having the "blow" turn the motor on for a set time frame...maybe you could do it so that the motor opens the chute ONLY while you're blowing in the tube....that way you could control the amount of ice coming out...the longer you blow...the more ice comes would probably have to put some form of brake on the turbine so that when you stop stops turning...otherwise you might get too much ice out... good project...and even though there was a language barrier got your point least to me anyway

    If he says he wanted ice by blowing, let him do it. It worked well, maybe not practical but it work either way. I might concider making some along the lines of this. Anyways -Cheers, Chris

    What happens on a windy day? You'll have ice cubes left, right and centre. Honestly.... what is the point??? The original design where you have to PUSH A BUTTON is far more practical.

    Pratical, Yes but... He was going for the blowning mechanism and thats what he got. I like it. -Preeety, Chris

    Hello, Thanks, for waiting me, Yes, im going to exlpain my proyect in spanish, plesaes wait a little more bit, then i`ll show you the complete proyect, working,

    project*, and you, use far too many, commers. No, offence.

    What about a device that dispenses alcohol (to go with your ice), that worked by sucking? Some sort of tube would be in order...?

    for industrial design projects students are told to make simple processes even simpler. This might be an industrial design project where they have to change a normal task to something that a quadraplegic can do. I can kinda guess that he means for this to be an ice dispenser which is activated by blowing on it. AlejandroS -- ?puedes explicar tu proyecto en espanol? ?o portugues? mucha gente es curiosa sobre tu proyecto pero no entiendes. Intentare' traducir...