Picture of Blu-Ray Laser Phaser!
First time in the world a blu-ray laser from a Playstation 3 has been installed in a Star Trek Phaser! Build one yourself for around $100. I "Boldy go where no man has gone before"! Watch the video and then follow the Steps to build your own!

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Step 1: What You Need...

Picture of What You Need...
1. A Playstation 3 blu-ray laser assembly. Model KEM-400AAA.
2. A Star Trek Classic Phaser - $30 - Ebay
3. An Aixiz Laser Housing
4. A 9 Volt Battery with clip
5. A 150ohm Resistor
6. Mini Pushbutton Switch - 275-1556 - $2 - Radio Shack

Step 2: Tools You Need...

Picture of Tools You Need...
1. Soldering Iron & Solder
2. Small screwdrivers
3. X-Acto Knife
4. Hot glue or epoxy
5. Dremel
6. Wire
7. Wire snips.
8. Pliers or vice-grips.

Step 3: Extract The Blu-Ray Diode...

Picture of Extract The Blu-Ray Diode...
If you saw my Laser Flashlight Hack Instructable than the extraction is about the same. The blu-ray diode is pretty easy to locate. There are 2 screws to remove and a small ribbon cable that needs to be cut off. After you have removed the laser mount, you need to scrap away the remaining glue and using a small jewelers screwdriver, GENTLY (I mean gently) tap around the EDGE of the diode housing to free it from the mount.

Step 4: Wiring the Blu-Ray diode...

Picture of Wiring the Blu-Ray diode...
C:\Downloads\bluray-pinout copy.jpg
This takes extreme care and caution as well as a steady hand and a nice pair of strong reading glasses or magnifying glasses. With quick touches of your soldering iron and using a solder sucker, remove the solder from the small board and remove the small board, You should end up with the raw laser diode. Following the diagram, solder two wires. One to the ground (top pin) and another to the laser diode (far left pin as you are looking at the back of the diode).
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JCShutout3 months ago

I opened my phaser and it was way different and the handle way too small for a 9volt battery. After looking around online, I realized they are using the 1994 Playmates phaser. This hack won't work with the 2008 toy. Just FYI.

Bought a 1994 on ebay and can't wait to try this when it arrives.

Gunnar1204 years ago
Huh, a lot less angry trekies talking about how you dismembered a classic phaser than I expected.
avis2 Gunnar1203 months ago

not a classic phaser, so it doesn't matter. a classic phaser would be one used in the show or made from the show's prop mold. also, can i use other lasers so it looks like a more acurate-to-the-show red?

Hansolo12345 months ago

No offense, but you spelled "boldly" wrong. You wrote "boldy".

hsutton49 months ago
Cool and all but can you use a regular bluray player not from the ps3?
eneuman1 year ago
Can this be done with a different PS3 laser rig? This one, specifically:
Ma$terJacob2 years ago
hot glue gun looks like dremel
ducttape992 years ago
I used this instead of getting a whole laser assembly and it was cheaper.
Anyone else thinking Sonic Screwdriver?
powercow2443 years ago
could I use any capacitor? please respond
people! get a RED colored light like in the REAL TOS series! for gods sake! I WAS RED IN THE SHOWS AND IT WOULD SAVE MONEY BY TAKING APART A BROKE DVD PLAYER!
vandal11385 years ago
Always point lasers at your face while running with scissors. Gasoline helps. Why is it that so many people want to cry about dangerous stuff? If you're worried about it, don't do it. If you're stupid enough to do something dangerous that you know nothing about you deserve to get hurt. ITS CALLED NATURAL SELECTION FOLKS.
I hope that you get caught using this thing in public. You can be fined up to $300,000.
AND you'll be violating the Prime Directive....oooohhhhh
like only if u point it at a plane. 
He makes it look so damn easy , and says it with such enthusiasm that any moron is already tearing his dvd player apart. And what you really want is BENZINE JA. forgot to mention running along the pool barefoot with hot coffee....
Actually it was intentionally left out. The cold pool water cancels out the hot coffee. Now, gnawing on shotgun shells while smoking a cigarette.....
Hey, what about heating up a melon in the microwave, making a hole in it with an apple corer, and inserting pen!s into it? That isn't dangerous at all... Even better if you fill it with hot glue before you stick it in!
lol like school zone lights by high school. if there stupid enough to run out in the street something wants them dead
that is soo cool can it light maches?
Didn't the guy say that you don't point lasers at people, then he points it at the camera?
The last time I checked, that camera wasn't a person. I do have to ask what kipkay was thinking when he did that though. That could really screw the camera with a real hi power laser.
he points it at the camera because he knows its not a person. please think
he points it at the camera because he is not thick like you and knows that the camera is not a person.
zhale3 years ago
This is going to be a dumb question, but how do you get the freaking top half of the axiz housing off??? lol And after you get it off, do you not use the bottom half?
DrPizza7775 years ago
Yeah. first, theres a harmless laser pointer. then, theres a cd diode, moderately dangerous. a dvd diode, slightly more dangerous. make a burning laser with a burning dvd diode, very dangerous. BUT THIS IS A BLU-RAY DIODE! extremely positively very dangerous. the only thing worse is an lg hi-def/blu-ray dvd burner. thats as much suicide as using that giant laser on that mountain.
Are you also afraid of matches or lighters? Or do you stare into the sun, there is no difference, you cant kill someone with a blue ray diode, blind them, maybe, if you point it into there eye and they consent to keep there eye open, and the natural reflex to close there eye is somehow resisted.
Dude. i was just being sarcastic... im a pyromaniac... kindof... and for lasers, blu-ray is nothing compared to the laser on that mountain telescope. so please... Dont Tread On Me

This is silly , but I thought you meant that Giant Laser on the original Battlestar Galactica that could have destroyed the fleet. Silly me. Sorry. after all it was on a mountain.
xDD how old is this thread anyway?
Well , HOT DAMN, sidestepping the Govt to claim my right to bear arms . Thanks.
187inc7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
okto 187inc6 years ago
STOP. YELLING. AND. DEMANDING. THINGS. This isn't a store, it's a community.
jharwood1 okto3 years ago
I am not yelling I keep hitting the damn caps lock key.(if you're talking to me)
Kipkay (author)  187inc6 years ago
You realize this is not an Instructable for a laser project that will burn anything? I suggest you buy a pair of wire strippers and a wood engraver since I don;t know of any afforable laser that will engrave wood and it certainly makes no sense to use one to strip wire.
187inc Kipkay4 years ago
i live on a boat, i own a small shipwright business, sometimes i dont have room for wire strippers.
jharwood13 years ago
where did you get the ps3 part? and could u slow it down a bit. what is it capable of other than being pretty? I put a 30 buck green laser into a 35 dollar 2 piece phaser mkI and MKII combo that actually separate, after alot of cursing and sighs I got it working but it eats batteries like a crack head through an eightball. I ordered a 100 mw laser with adjustable beam(lets see if I get it ) if I do I'm replacing the laser pointer with (something else). any suggestions on making it a bit more powerful, like say , oh, uh entering into the area of right to bear arms?
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