Picture of Blu-Ray Laser Phaser!
First time in the world a blu-ray laser from a Playstation 3 has been installed in a Star Trek Phaser! Build one yourself for around $100. I "Boldy go where no man has gone before"! Watch the video and then follow the Steps to build your own!

Step 1: What You Need...

Picture of What You Need...
1. A Playstation 3 blu-ray laser assembly. Model KEM-400AAA.
2. A Star Trek Classic Phaser - $30 - Ebay
3. An Aixiz Laser Housing
4. A 9 Volt Battery with clip
5. A 150ohm Resistor
6. Mini Pushbutton Switch - 275-1556 - $2 - Radio Shack
KNEXFRANTIC4 years ago
at last a reason to buy a blu-ray player
Best comment
solarsavestheplanet made it!1 month ago
I made a basic version, with a later 3 pin ps3 diode, I also found a lens in the laser mechanism that allows you to concentrate the beam slightly. I mounted the lens in a rubber grommet which allowed slight adjustment. Thanks for the info!
MinerManer263 months ago
Would a laser diode from a regular DVD player still work?
JCShutout8 months ago

I opened my phaser and it was way different and the handle way too small for a 9volt battery. After looking around online, I realized they are using the 1994 Playmates phaser. This hack won't work with the 2008 toy. Just FYI.

Bought a 1994 on ebay and can't wait to try this when it arrives.

Gunnar1205 years ago
Huh, a lot less angry trekies talking about how you dismembered a classic phaser than I expected.
avis2 Gunnar1208 months ago

not a classic phaser, so it doesn't matter. a classic phaser would be one used in the show or made from the show's prop mold. also, can i use other lasers so it looks like a more acurate-to-the-show red?

Hansolo123410 months ago

No offense, but you spelled "boldly" wrong. You wrote "boldy".

hsutton41 year ago
Cool and all but can you use a regular bluray player not from the ps3?
eneuman2 years ago
Can this be done with a different PS3 laser rig? This one, specifically:

Ma$terJacob2 years ago
hot glue gun looks like dremel
ducttape992 years ago
I used this instead of getting a whole laser assembly and it was cheaper.
Anyone else thinking Sonic Screwdriver?
powercow2443 years ago
could I use any capacitor? please respond
people! get a RED colored light like in the REAL TOS series! for gods sake! I WAS RED IN THE SHOWS AND IT WOULD SAVE MONEY BY TAKING APART A BROKE DVD PLAYER!
vandal11386 years ago
Always point lasers at your face while running with scissors. Gasoline helps. Why is it that so many people want to cry about dangerous stuff? If you're worried about it, don't do it. If you're stupid enough to do something dangerous that you know nothing about you deserve to get hurt. ITS CALLED NATURAL SELECTION FOLKS.
I hope that you get caught using this thing in public. You can be fined up to $300,000.
AND you'll be violating the Prime Directive....oooohhhhh
like only if u point it at a plane. 
He makes it look so damn easy , and says it with such enthusiasm that any moron is already tearing his dvd player apart. And what you really want is BENZINE JA.
....you forgot to mention running along the pool barefoot with hot coffee....
Actually it was intentionally left out. The cold pool water cancels out the hot coffee. Now, gnawing on shotgun shells while smoking a cigarette.....
Hey, what about heating up a melon in the microwave, making a hole in it with an apple corer, and inserting pen!s into it? That isn't dangerous at all... Even better if you fill it with hot glue before you stick it in!
lol like school zone lights by high school. if there stupid enough to run out in the street something wants them dead
that is soo cool can it light maches?
Didn't the guy say that you don't point lasers at people, then he points it at the camera?
The last time I checked, that camera wasn't a person. I do have to ask what kipkay was thinking when he did that though. That could really screw the camera with a real hi power laser.
he points it at the camera because he knows its not a person. please think
he points it at the camera because he is not thick like you and knows that the camera is not a person.
zhale4 years ago
This is going to be a dumb question, but how do you get the freaking top half of the axiz housing off??? lol And after you get it off, do you not use the bottom half?
DrPizza7776 years ago
Yeah. first, theres a harmless laser pointer. then, theres a cd diode, moderately dangerous. a dvd diode, slightly more dangerous. make a burning laser with a burning dvd diode, very dangerous. BUT THIS IS A BLU-RAY DIODE! extremely positively very dangerous. the only thing worse is an lg hi-def/blu-ray dvd burner. thats as much suicide as using that giant laser on that mountain.
Are you also afraid of matches or lighters? Or do you stare into the sun, there is no difference, you cant kill someone with a blue ray diode, blind them, maybe, if you point it into there eye and they consent to keep there eye open, and the natural reflex to close there eye is somehow resisted.
Dude. i was just being sarcastic... im a pyromaniac... kindof... and for lasers, blu-ray is nothing compared to the laser on that mountain telescope. so please... Dont Tread On Me

This is silly , but I thought you meant that Giant Laser on the original Battlestar Galactica that could have destroyed the fleet. Silly me. Sorry. after all it was on a mountain.
xDD how old is this thread anyway?
Well , HOT DAMN, sidestepping the Govt to claim my right to bear arms . Thanks.
jharwood14 years ago
where did you get the ps3 part? and could u slow it down a bit. what is it capable of other than being pretty? I put a 30 buck green laser into a 35 dollar 2 piece phaser mkI and MKII combo that actually separate, after alot of cursing and sighs I got it working but it eats batteries like a crack head through an eightball. I ordered a 100 mw laser with adjustable beam(lets see if I get it ) if I do I'm replacing the laser pointer with (something else). any suggestions on making it a bit more powerful, like say , oh, uh entering into the area of right to bear arms?
Fragmaster4 years ago
Is it easy (I know that it is possible) to burn out the diode by soldering for too long?
dremeldude4 years ago
This would be so cool with a kill/stun feature like in the movies
What do the other leads do? I assume they are used for other colors. But I know little about lasers and I'll admit it. So I just thought I'd ask. It doesn't hurt to ask does it? That's how you learn. And before anyone gets on my case for attempting a laser project without adequate knowledge, I do intend to learn everything I can before assembling my laser. Anyway, if anyone could answer my question, that would be great. Thanks.
this is two years a little late but if for some reason you didn't figure it out, the pin directly to the right of the ground pin is the RED + and the pin below the VIOLET + is the IR +. Those are powered the same exact way the VIOLET is powered from what I understand.
wow. frickin amazing..but unneeded.
angeluz6164 years ago
jeffreyshi4 years ago
just wondering... if u buy more playstations and take out more diodes and stack them, will the laser become stronger? Anyway, wouldn't it be cheaper if you used a blue ray dvd player? or would it be more expensive?
Rhayel725 years ago
I am gonna boom the world with my laser!
Adrien5 years ago
I've got the diode housing to the 2nd picture that you're showing here, but I'm at a loss on how to extract the diode itself. I don't want to use brute force and ruin it, especially if all that's required is a little finesse
sixgunz Adrien5 years ago
I used pliers to bend the bottom housing away from the top at the right angle, then used a soldering iron to desolder the tags shown in the big pic above. It takes a while, but the end result is fairly clean.
hiboblingo5 years ago
i have laser diodes from color copiers rated at 30mw. will these work in this?
what kind of copier?
Derin6 years ago
Set phasers on stun.
dla888 Derin5 years ago
Yes Captain.
does it burn things like the dvd one?
It shouldn't.  It would only work if it was the laser for a dvd / blu-ray burner, and I'm pretty sure the ps3 doesn't burn.
R 4 N D 0 M5 years ago

Nice job.
Never even thought of it.

eggbert996 years ago
hey kip what is the point of the axiz laser housing? becase i am trying to make one without the axiz laser housing . if you do need the laser housing can i make my own?
you need the housing because it has a lense
can i use this same driver circuit to power a 16x dvd burner diode?
mr_munchies7 years ago
There's NO WAY that's gonna run for more than a few hours without any sort of current and voltage regulator. These diodes run at ~6V and somewhere between 35 and 90 mA. (The current required varies) As Shikari said on the first page, these are supposed to have a lifetime of 5000 hours- you're cutting that down to almost nothing by doing this. And, there should be more of a heatsink than the AixiZ module just to be safe.
Everyone else-
PLEASE, PLEASE read everything you can at www.laserpointerforums.com BEFORE you try any laser mods, Kipkay's or otherwise- You will learn more than you thought possible, and stay safe to boot. These are INCREDIBLY dangerous... Kip's MiniMag mod is, of course, quite high powered for a handheld laser, and this one is Short-Wave- an even more serious hazard to your skin, eyes, etc... Everything bad that happens with a laser is one more step closer to having them banned. Do all us serious enthusiasts a favor and STUDY STUDY STUDY before you try stuff like this. ;-)
Thanks for your warning, even though I am not going to make this. Lasers are dangerous indeed, I heard rumors about lasers causing fatal injure to the naked eye and even damaging the skin when they are used without protection, even though I'm no expert. Is this true?
Here's a thread about this hack from www.laserpointerforums.com


Sounds like it's a bad idea in general to run the laser off just a battery and a resistor. A constant-current regulator is ideal, but if you're going cheap and cheesy, it's a good idea to add a capacitor (to dampen spikes that can kill the laser) and maybe a trimpot. (Individual lasers of the same make and model vary; the same voltage that barely gets one to lase may kill another. You can adjust the voltage with a trimpot so your laser is nice and bright but not going to fry immediately.)

I'm not a laser guy, and my understanding of these things is vague, but it sounds like folks over at www.laserpointerforums.com could be helpful in improving this thing.

Kipkay has a schematic for a driver circuit on his 007 laser weapon project. Would that work well enough?
I was just wondering, which laser is more powerful, a blu/violet laser from an HD DVD player, or a red/green laser from a dvd burner? Basically I want to know, if this project creates a more powerful laser, or does the minimag flashlight mod create a more powerful laser?
scozzahisee6 years ago
OH MY GOD! Good laser, but I hate to hear about a legendary PS3 being killed :-(
Bartboy7 years ago
SO You likezez teh Dilda Lazor!
Get it from here instead, same thing, also kewler design, so it doesn't look like a dildo, for a few more dollars with rechargeable batteries and charger with free shipping. They send to the U.S. too!
http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=926 "Dilda"
http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=971 "Dilda V2"

Susie is a really nice person too!
you cant buy it if you live in the us... its 43 dollars and its 5MW this is some 200MW or so
I live in Canada. You get guns, we get other higher-tech weapons.
i wil buy this when i go on vacation in canada! * Wink** Wink*
and it docent even come with the batteries!
aww that sucks
Not really...
could you actually burn things with this?
Hey kipkay can you actually see the laser beam?
oh well thats okay as long as it burns
frontier7 years ago
question: does the laser line actually appear to the blind eye? or is it due to the lens/something in the video camera? or would you in real life only see the dot where the laster hits, etc on the wall? as it is with the cheap 1$ over the counter laser pointers in stores
dprs frontier7 years ago
Nothing appears to a blind eye lol XD I wanna know if this thing can burn people, I mean stuff.
Omega192 dprs7 years ago
ever used any laser other than those 5 buck red ones? green and blue/violet beams are visible to the naked eye.
He said blind eye read before you criticize.
you'll have to pardon my mistake. i meant to reply to frontier. sorry for the misunderstanding.
my mistake from the start. when i said blind eye, i meant naked eye.
Everybody's so polite, I love it.
Vort ShadyLogic6 years ago
Yeah, unlike on YouTube or other places to post comments. It's like these people are civilized unlike the comment-posters on YouTube. Anyway, yeah I love this. :D
I wonder why
"We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site. "
screw you!!! bahhahahah im just kidding :P.(i have no friends :(
I'm saddened to hear that. Maybe it's your unsettling attraction to balls and hair?
Oh, okay. Sorry then.
Derin frontier6 years ago
You would see the line if there was enough airborne dust.Like,you would see the line in a chimney but you would not see it inside a CPU factory.
ash_456 years ago
I did this with a LG blue ray writer. Doesn't burn as strongly as the flash light instructable though... :(
tony546 years ago
This will INSTANTLY AND PERMANENTLY BLIND SOMEONE ! No second chance even if for a split second ! You should limit the brightness. Putting it in a toy is asking for it to be played with. I'm all for fun but like seeing ! There should be a warning on this about the danger even from the spot on the wall. I work with low power under 5 mw lasers and exposure the the indirect beam will make permanent blind spots in your eyes and this is 50-200 X more powerful !
The ps3 laser is only 8.82 mw. Thats only 3.82 mw more then 5 mw. 50-200 isnt a realistic number. Its a ps3 it dosent need to burn things.
magic20087 years ago
This is great, I'm a big fan of Star Trek. I was able to find the classic phaser to use (found it here - http://www.startrekgiftshop.com/index.php?k=star+trek+phaser&c=toys )Now where would I find the laser diode without buying a new PS3. This is just so awesome, I would be showing this off at all the Star Trek conventions.
Buy a phr diode seperatly from http://modwerx.com or somthing.
Derin magic20086 years ago
You would get it at a place where they would sell spare parts for a PS3.For example,you could go to a Sony repair shop and ask for a carriage assembly.They may not give it though.
Obito6 years ago
you relly relly relleh like diode thingies and burning stuff with lasers don't you?
Bongmaster6 years ago
something i wont be doing to my phaser :) its made of solid pewter XD
make em for 100 sell them for 150
moket12347 years ago
PLEASE REPLY: will it work with a KES-400AAA laser assembly aswell as a KEM-400AAA and cant you do the same sort of thing as the maglight burning laser thing you did?
The KEM refers to the whole assembly itself, motor, frame and all. The KES refers to just the diode and board, as you can see surrounded by black plastic in the picture above.
frodobot6 years ago
Could you modify it so that it is a burning blu-ray laser diode?
manuhaker6 years ago
one question... you connect the laser to the switch and the resistor. the resistor to the battery and the switch to the battery also. yes or no?¿¿
I don't get it. The PS3 is like 243236236 dollars. This is a great idea, but really just a waste of money. Still kinda cool though.
its not 243 Billion dollars
it said get some of the parts on ebay for 45$
Fasteners6 years ago
wow awesome
That looks like a good gun for Lazer Tag.
Ironegg6 years ago
Ok so where did you get a playstation 3 at your disposal? Was it like already dead, or did you ACTUALLY just take a functioning PS3 and steal the diode?
he just got the blue ray player for a ps3 off ebay
playstations cannot die! gahhhh robots will take over the world!
what a waste of a somewhat good drive... it still looks cool, though!
Matt D6557 years ago
Damn thats cool-trekki
Derin Matt D6556 years ago
Actually the real term is Trekker.
will this be able to burn like the red burning laser
No.You could get a burner from a Blu-ray burner,but that would be expensive -_-.
LRMNmeyer6 years ago
I would put a notice saying that the "blu-ray" is not blue, it's violet. A lot of beginners think that all those DPSS 473nm lasers are scams because of the high price. And probably mention that it's strongly recommended to use a driver, like in your Maglite tutorial.
true that son. btw, you splet blue ray wrong :P
No,you would be right normally,but it is spelled Blu-Ray in this case.It is a name so it has to be spelled that way.
Actually, "blu-ray" is the marketing term for the process of storing data on disks using a violet laser. Blu-ray is the correct spelling.
Ironegg6 years ago
oh, ok nevermind got it, ebay, shoulda guessed that one,.
really awesome
D.A.N7 years ago
were is de laser diode on a ps1
cool! D.A.N6 years ago
In the dvd reader. If you want the blue laser, you have to use a ps3. But if any laser is fine, it would be easier just to take apart a dvd burner. check out kipkay's other laser instructable
speedcat136 years ago
Is this a burner?
Redgerr7 years ago
i might make one of thease but idk its more expencive than your other one, the other one im dffinatly going to make :D thanks for the two great idea's :O
Derin7 years ago
(removed by instructables robot)
CyberHULK7 years ago
Where'd you get the phaser from? I can get the one where the hand phaser comes off but it would be insufficient for this particular application.
bestruintd7 years ago
if there was a blue ray burner could you place it in a minimag then? that would be awsome
benthekahn7 years ago
why waste all that time when you can buy this one for $900? Just kidding, thats pretty awesome. I'll keep my eye out for a laser assembly.
haha cool. but kinda like wats the point haha. nice voice in the vid. haha
Dansaytoday7 years ago
Im aware that HD DVD use 405nm, has anyone been successful in installing one of these. I have several HD DVD's . Dansaystoday www.usadubs.com
=SMART=7 years ago
wow this is soo cool !! dont shoot anyone in the eyes though lol !! you got featured on front page too!!
fully sick mate you are a legend
thinguy7 years ago
I did see that you posted my pic on google. thankz
NetReaper7 years ago
why, just why?
chrisayad7 years ago
shodow7 years ago
And what is the usage of this tool ?!!!
Kipkay (author)  shodow7 years ago
Tool? It's not a tool. It's just a fun novelty toy.
biolethal7 years ago
you can also buy the sled assemblies at PSXBOY.com for 35$. i plan on building a laser pointer that can point violet and green, burn with 500mw red and cut with 2w infrared.
matstermind7 years ago
where did you get that phaser case
TTSDA7 years ago
wow, thats expensive
blugyblug7 years ago
The beam will go furtherer than your eye can see. You will probably be able to see the dot at about...300metres? 100 on a bright day and maybe 500 at night.
Remember it can probably go like 5km
wasteful much?
SolidSilver7 years ago
I've recovered a couple of DVD burner laser diodes, but have had no luck at all installing them in an Axiz housing. What's the trick to pressing the diode in place without damaging it?
loggerhead7 years ago
I wonder how long the beam goes.
Amf667 years ago
Can't you just use three 1.5v batteries such as AA's so you don't fry the diode with a 9v battery?
Cool... But as that old song says, "is that all there is...?"
Robb7 years ago
Would this work with an hd-dvd laser? they are gonna be cheap.....lol
mb4004 Robb7 years ago
yep, xbox 360 hd dvd drives are 49.99
Robb mb40047 years ago
imagine the ebay prices with 50$ retail.....you could light your whole home.... I know they use the same laser, but is the removal process the same?
mb4004 Robb7 years ago
I'm not sure if its the same. I removed 2 diodes from an Xbox 360 player and it took quite a bit of force to get the diode out of where it was glued. I have yet to have it lase though.
Robb mb40047 years ago
when you do achieve laseing, I'd love to know how it goes.
mb4004 Robb7 years ago
I got it to lase and in a module. The 405nm diode in the xbox 360 hd dvd player is the one with 3 pins. I have a pinout if anyone needs one. I'll have it in a flashlight after I get a current regulator in a week.
mb4004 do you know what sort of output power the X-box players laser diode outputs ??
Robb Big Bwana7 years ago
i was under the impression that all(or most) HD-DVD and BLU-RAY devices used teh same diode. i could be completely wrong, but i rememeber there was a shortage of diodes for both of them in 2006. Gizmodo: SHortage of Bu-Ray/HD-DVD Diodes
Big Bwana Robb7 years ago
Yep there was a shortage but if it was made by sony the Blue Laser was made Only by Nicha and Nicha won't make them for any one else right now, and Toshiba was useing multiple suppliers and Toshiba was making the OEM drives for XBOX, But hey A Blue laser pointer for $50 even if it's only 5 mW's it's worth it, but 15 to 20 mW's would be killer ... (( Hopefully soon the 200 mW Bluray burners will be affordable ))
Robb Big Bwana7 years ago
so how many mW is the diode in the X-Box's HD-DVD drive?
Robb mb40047 years ago
sweet! i just bought an hd-dvd drive and a blu-rta regulator circuit kit off ebay totaling about 30$(USD) with shipping.
Ebay Regulator circuit
so the pins are the same as the PS3 diocde?
jbwolf7 years ago
Im having power troubles with mine, its very dimm.
can someone take a look at:
FixedHDD7 years ago
just cool man.... 1pt+
habrrr7 years ago
You can burn stuff if you put a dvd burner laser in the gun.
yep im waiting patiently for my parents DVD driver to "suddenly stop working" to harvest a DVD diode myself. :D
You can get the diodes on ebay pretty cheap. I'm from Europe and it came around a 100 bucks for 5 diodes+shipping. You could get them for about 50 bucks if youyou live in America.
MooTaters7 years ago
if you're too lazy to build something you can buy something of the sort except in a normal laser pointer housing at www.wickedlasers.com I'm pretty sure that all lasers there can burn things at close range so you must be 18 or older or have a parent who doesn't care...but if you do buy any...i suggest being very careful with it seeing how powerful it is...
does this burn stuff?
You should make an instructable on how to make one of the non-lethal guns from firefly.
Screweylouy7 years ago
it seems cool
thinguy7 years ago
Please send me comments.
LanikoAtles7 years ago
Someone might have mentioned this already, It would be fun, but very dangerous to put a lens on there like in that make article a couple issues ago. Why, you could burn someone from accross the room... huh. Lightbulb....
justDIY7 years ago
what do the other connections on the diode do, possibly enable the red / infrared emitters? would it be hard to make one that could switch between red and blue?
Kipkay (author)  justDIY7 years ago
Yes they all have a purpose. The pin across from the VLD (Violet or blu-ray) is a Red Diode, below that one is a Photo Diode and across from that one is an IR diode.
Marrz Kipkay7 years ago
Yah, I got mine and the Blu-ray part of the diode was dead for me, thought i got jipped when all i saw was the red coming from the diode. I'm going to send a message off to the ebayer who sold it to me asking for another.
justDIY Kipkay7 years ago
awesome. maybe a 555 circuit or something to strobe the red/blue diodes to prevent the poor thing from taking too much heat, and you'd have what looks like violet beam, or at least a trippy light show. I'll have to add this to my list of things to do next time I've got time off :/
eight justDIY7 years ago
Rather than a 555 based circuit, how about PWM ?
Kipkay (author)  eight7 years ago
Interesting idea?
eight Kipkay7 years ago
I'm Embarrassed... I did not say thanks and add a valid compliment ! Thank you for taking the time to create and publish this project. Klip, you always create masterful work. This is no exception to that, mate. RE: PWM... It would save power, extend life of the laser and perhaps enhance output, abet for a few thousands of a second. Just an idea.
hey kipkay. A few questions, what is the exact voltage the blu-ray laser runs on, can i use a blu-ray laser diode from a blu-ray dvd player?, also if i use the blu-ray dvd player will it run on the same voltage? last but not least can i house the diode and the axiz houseing all in a maglite like your other instructable "laser flashlight hack! "?. thanks, one of your fans, Struckbyanarrow
Hey I'm just wondering about the safety of this. Is this going to emit any dangerous radiation? Is it shielded?
soarUSAF7 years ago
I am looking for some help, in the laser dept" I need someone to design, and build a pointer type pencil laser that will cut 1/8 inch foam for a project that I am working on. It must be of a CO-2 type around 30 to 50 watts" For someone that needs extra monies, for hobbies, or college or what ever this wouls be a great project for you please respond here to soarUSAF thanks for your help this is time critical thanks for your help
O_o 30 to 50 watts will have a crack at cutting steel! I can happily sell you a 150mW pointer laser that will definitely cut 1/8 inch foam (if its dark coloured) CO2 lasers are NOT the realm of pointers. The smallest CO2 tube you will get will be as thick as your wrist, and require around 30,000V and water cooling. But the application you describe is definitely doable in a pointer size. Email me cgeeky at gmail dot com
is just buying a laser that would do that out of the question? because it would be cheaper to buy that then to make it... i believe
timmy1234s7 years ago
I feel really sorry for the blu-ray laser that got removed from a PS3. PS3s are so precious and beautiful. So why get a PS3 blu ray laser from a precious, elegant, and beautiful PS3? Feel sorry for the PS3.
Kipkay (author)  timmy1234s7 years ago
Don't feel sorry. I did not disassemble a PS3. Read the Instructable or watch the video again.
Hey KipKay, what would happen if took out the laser diode (from the DVD Burner or whatever), and connected it to a 9volt battery? Would it blow up or something?
Kipkay (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Yes. Instantly.
Dang! Does it shoot up super high or something? And another question, could I add in anything else for it to not blow up? Let's say I used a double A battery, but added in something, or something like that, is there an easy way to make a laser?
timd27 years ago
hay kipkay would it be posible to put it in to a mag lite insted and by the way 123 batteries do not fit in the mag lite i rely need a way to get nine volts in to the maglite you should defintly make a video on how to make a blue ray mag lite cuz i have know idea how.
adgmlaser7 years ago
hEY everybody specially Kipkay, can you give me the best driver circuit to run the Blu-ray laser diode so i can use it within 10mins. specially in daily basis? I wonder if you have the diagram of circuit driver that is used in Blu-Ray SONAR by Wicked Laser... I hope so..Please help, I dont want to fry my Diode..
Ace82 adgmlaser7 years ago
I came across this link from one of the members on this page: http://www.fineartradiography.com/hobbies/lasers/blu-ray/index.html
HOWEVER, don't doubt Kipkay, his 100 ohm resistor w/ a 9V really works! I have had mine for 2 days so far and used the heck out of it! (I had it on for a good 10min straight while I focused the dot from across the room. This spectrum is really hard to focus from 10' away and almost made my girlfriend puke by looking at it! The beam divergence is awesome with this set up although you can't really tell from a distance.) Anyway, my theory (I am no expert) is that the Wicked Blu-Ray uses a different, custom 405nm diode capable of 50mW< with a driver pumping a min. of 20mW (for that price they better be under rated!) for a safe, stable powerful laser. Without the proper equipment for testing, I guess the PS3's diode can handle ~20mW. Plus, notice how the wicked laser uses 6V (hence the sleek pen design in lieu of a fat bulky 9V). I guess Kipkay's invention is around 10mW or even less. This would leave plenty of tolerance for voltage spikes and still be very stable without frying your diode. To get the most out of a laser diode is always risky unless you are an expert.
Wicked actually use 10mW violet diodes. They drive them higher as they are operating pulsed (see LED museum's review) rather than CW.
Even though you can now get violet diodes for $25 Wicked still don't lower their price... don't buy wicked.
for a good driver circuit please try laserpointerforums there is a GB (group buy) there for a very nice, tiny laser driver circuit.
You may have created some permanent damage to your girl friend's retina. PLEASE read up on laser safety before you blind someone!!!!
I would be more concerned about people looking at my green 150mW laser! And it is just the violet (405nm) color spectrum, which seems from a distance distorting to the eye. Like everyone keeps saying, if someone is intelligent enough to build custom lasers, perhaps they are wise enough to practice safe use. More importantly (for the experienced laser enthusiast), it seems as if people are blasting police helicopters and airplanes with lasers! Now in most cities in Ca. they arrest you if you are caught using a high-powered laser! Don't (or let your friends) shine lasers at aircrafts! It is a shame a small few spoil it for many.
Mag Lasers7 years ago
The power required for a 405nm ~20mW Blu-Ray diode is 6V, correct?
Hm... I'm thinking about building a blu-ray laser... but just put it in a small hobby case... you wouldn't happen to know the voltage required/ recommended for this diode... I was also going to put a capacitor on it so the diode will have a somewhat longer lifetime. Any more suggestions? reply to fluffiestspoon@yahoo.com
is there another way of gettin that blue ray diode besides a playstation 3? i dont really have the heart to dismantle one..
yeah i agree its kinda harsh to take a part a playstation 3 u could probably get one from just a plain old blue ray player tho. and no offence but whats the point of making this ?
Kipkay (author)  littlechef377 years ago
Who said anything about dismantling a PS3? Read the Instructable again or watch the video.
How many people have you had to tell that you only got the laser assembly, and not the whole console, so far, Kipkay?
Kipkay (author)  orangesrhyme7 years ago
More than I wanted to! LOL!
btw ur voice makes me laugh you should be one of those movie trailer voices "in a world... where blah blah blah" hehe
for a star trek or wars or wut ever you call it movie.... is there actually startrek conventions or is that just made up ? ive never seen star wars or star trek
get a blue ray diode from ebay, ect. you know.... SEARCH THE INTERNET BOLDLY WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE!
You can get only the PS3 laser part either here or, if you don't like ebay and still want the best price, here
weweese7 years ago
is it possible to make a bluray thats powerful enough to see the beam at night? like i know the green ones can, and all the ones in this picture: http://spectraforum.com/showthread.php?t=213

But idk about the blurays, is the technology good enough yet?
mb4004 weweese7 years ago
These diodes have a much lower Mw rating than ones that have a visible beam.
BonoGlasses7 years ago
how do you get a laser pointer to have that beam and not just the red dot.
it needs to be more powerful than the $2 ones you get at the gas station : )
how can you amplify a cheaper model to have the beam
Solve that little riddle, and patent it, and get rich very quickly. And no, Q switching and mode locking won't work.
2 things... 1 you cant, blu lasers need a certain crystal that will lase after a laser diode has pumped them with ir light 2. please, god don't put the poor little blu-ray diode on an unregulated circuit, or else god will kill a kitten
Ace827 years ago
I guess that there is smoke in the picture, because what good is a laser phaser with no beam?!
weweese Ace827 years ago
hehe yea definetly looks like some fog in that picture, but why not? gotta admit the beam looks great.
Ace827 years ago
Markiskool94, what is all this talk about a beam? Go to www.dealextreme.com. spend $25 on a 30mW and take it out @ night. Or, use your $2 gas station cat toy after a hot shower in the dark. Or go buy a gallon of fog juice and boil it for 1/2 hour. (DX lasers are very powerful and reasonably priced, however I currently own 4 and 2 of them have a huge beam divergence.) Adgmlaser, I didn't try the driver from that link. I just used Kipkay's idea. Today is day #5 with lots of use and so far so good. Maybe you can get more power from the driver, I don't know. All I know is that someone is making money on Ebay selling these lasers around $150. Too bad, I know their worth more. Radio Shack sells all the components for pretty cheap too. I see the ps3 replacement modules have gone up quite a bit, thanks to all of us I presume!
error4047 years ago
Kip really nice Instrucable.

Congrats on a job well done.

I have one question and one suggestion.

Firstly Woi=uld it be possible to use a less expensive laser and a coloured gel?

Now I don't know a great deal about various sorts of laser but would this be possible say using the laser diode from a cd player and a red gel?

The suggestion is to add a transparent acrylic tube where the original had the arcylic "muzzle". It was a real signature feature od the Star Trek phaser and the PS3 Diode version has a diminished "read" due to it's absense.

I know this is a really small point but it was such a central feature of the original iconic item that it looks a little odd without. it.

Please don't get me wrong , it's bloody great, just need s a cherry on top is all.

Kipkay (author)  error4047 years ago
I tried to figure out a way to use the existing plastic muzzle but it is solid plastic and it was hard to line up the laser beam to go perfectly through that 1/4" hole. I finally decided to completely eliminate it. The only other lasers that have a visible beam/dot are green and red and neither of them would be affected by colored gels.
I don't mean to insult you or anything, but there are more than just red and green visible lasers. There are a few companies that sell blue and yellow (the yellow is more orange), and a hybrid mix of red and green (to get a more pure yellow). I have tons (I think 22 or so) green lasers over 25mW (most WAY over) 2 yellow lasers, 1 hybrid yellow laser, 1 blue module, 3 assembled blu-ray lasers, 2 CO2 lasers (20 and 80 Watts,) and hundreds of red "dvd" lasers. Almost all of them are visible on a humid night. Also there are several other lasers, HeNe, Argon, etc... that can also have visible beams. Not to mention if you get a RGB or a red, green, and blue laser system you can create virtually any color imaginable by limiting the power of each diode, just like a TV or computer monitor. Those setups can go into the watt range and are DEFIANTLY visible. You are onto the fast track to kill that diode though, if you don't regulate the voltage and current going to it. It will die abruptly one day, and thats a horrible waste of 30 bucks. Also 9v batteries suck. You'll get a much longer runtime with AA or AAA's even. Besides they are cheaper :)

Hey Tommy, or should I say MASTER SCAMMER!!!,

You might remember me as Lazernut from other forums like Laser Community or Laser Pointer Forums but I know what you did to many people and I would now like to tell the community all about what a nice person you really are Tommy! People to let you know tommy has scammed many people from many different forums and then he just magically disappears. First he starts off a nice kind of guy just willing to do some trading fair and square, but that is never how it ends.

He has left many people high and dry and if you don't believe me here is a link that shows he is banned from this certain forum for multiple accounts of scamming. http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1172018715

Hey Tommy I dare you to respond you filthy scumbag.
You wanted me to reply, Well heres my reply. I was banned so promptly from one forum, then the next. The stuff was lost in shipping and I was trying to work stuff out then I got cut off. How am I supposed to contact the other guy when I can't get to the site? Nice seeing you again too. I mean how dare I try to help people build lasers. What a horrible person I am.
small world for you two, huh?
hmm, well, tommy seems like a nice guy...lmfao, im just messing with you...
thank you so much for warning everybody
gmoon error4047 years ago
Would it be possible to use a less expensive laser and a coloured gel?

Unfortunately, lasers by their nature produce light with a very narrow spectrum. So it's not possible to change their color with filters.

For example, a red gel filter works by blocking some wavelengths, letting (mostly) red light pass through. With a green or blue laser, there's no red light to pass...

But red lasers are usually the cheapest, anyway....
Its possible but very hard. Certain materials will fluoresce when being energized by a certain wavelength (which is why a black light makes stuff look cool.) Try shining a green laser through vegetable oil, the beam will turn yellow while in the oil, but as soon as it leaves its right back to green. Thats because the beam itself isn't yellow, but the vegetable oil is glowing yellow. To get a yellow beam, you would have to get the oil to lase. try putting a very fine amount of oil on a microscope slide, shine the laser through it and then direct whats left of the beam through a prism. You might bet lucky and get a very tiny amount of yellow light. There are bound to be more materials you can try, oil is the only one I can think of at the moment.
doggo error4047 years ago
Yeah, I gotta agree with '404, the muzzle would be frosting on the cake. Maybe you could drill it out with a drill press, or even a Dremel, and let the beam go through it? Otherwise: awesome.
Number09 doggo7 years ago
You could go ghetto and use a clear drinking straw or any clear tubing/pipe. heh.
adgmlaser7 years ago
Hi Kipkay im new here, i would like to ask if its ok if i add a capacitor connected to both pin of blu-ray diode , then put a 150ohm resistor on its positve terminal going through 9V battery and negative directing to battery's negative terminal, can this affect the quality of the beam? or its a big help to avoid burning the diode? anybody can also acceptable to answer this.
well that would slow down any amperage spikes, but what you want protection against is voltage spikes.

click on this link. it will bring you to a circuit that is cheap, easy to make, and is your best, and safest, bet for any type of laser, be it blu ray, green red, or any other type. there is lots of great laser info on that site as well. i encourage anyone who is interested in lasers to check it
dirtypaper7 years ago
I have a few questions (details) before i begin building this one. 1) are there other bits and pieces (electronics/optics) in that original laser housing, or do you just need one to hold the new one in place? 2) in the video the beam is showing, is this real or does it only shows when you blow smoke or something in the beam (i hope my question is clear) :-) 3) do you need a normal resistor ? 4) does the lazer produce heat (like the lazer hack from a dvd-burner) ? oh yeah, if kipkay bought the diode for 45$ aint it possible to make a cheap blueray player or am i thinking to simple :-D Thanks
Nice job on the housing there!! Good to see that Trekkies" haven't completly dissappared. I built a simular set of these from the instructions/ideas that I got from "Laser Hack flash light" (Hack a day} that we have incorporated into out light/laser shows. One item that peeps HAVE to be aware of is: LASERS can be frigging DANGEROUS! Any wannabe's that have a desire to tinker with them ought to read "Sam's FAQ" (I don't know how to set up the links here, yet). TONS of laser information from one of the worlds formost. A MUST READ children!!! PLAY SAFE.
twocvbloke7 years ago
Impressive!!! I have a slightly better Phaser than the one in this instructable, the 40th Aniv. version (as used in Star Trek: Enterprise; In a Mirror, Darkly), I want to put a laser in both the Type-II "gun" module and the removable Type-I Hand-Phaser module, however, the internal sound & light effects electronics are a bit of a pain as they flash the built in LEDs in each module, so seperating the laser and the sounds but having them both operate at the same time could be, erm, "fun"!!! As for CD/DVD/BluRay lasers, I'll have to strip a spare CD-RW I have to try the laser out, if I can find a 150ohm resistor... :D
neifos1237 years ago
Do you need the 150ohm Resistor. Where can you get one? (radio shack?)
just wondering, does this do anything?
adgmlaser7 years ago
anybody please tell me if leslie wrights driver was really good for the blu-ray diode, if it does well i begin to built mine too, thanks, anyway..specially Ace82 :)
Ace827 years ago
Before I began this project, I was browsing elsewhere for a 405 diode. Most of the sellers require you to send an inquiry. I found that the 10mW goes for ~$400 and the 65mW goes for ~$750. This price is for a single unit, of coarse there are price breaks for buying bulk. Being said, I realized why Wicked's Blu-Ray is so wickedly priced! (Wouldn't you think a triple laser diode in one would be more then just a single?) Perhaps Sony is still monopolizing the blu-ray market. QUESTION: Does anybody here have an idea of what to house this laser in instead of a gun?
Ace827 years ago
Can you use the chip driver for the Aixiz and just swap the diodes? Or does the driver only power 650nm and up?
the chip driver in the aixiz is not nearly powerful enough to drive a 125-150 mw diode. it has nothing to do with color.
Zlwilly7 years ago
Very awesome Kipkay. Sometimes I'm just browsing instructables and see something cool. Hey, i'll click on that, i think. Why is it that it's always one of your instructables i stumble onto? ;-) great job.
Ace827 years ago
Ok Kipkay, what's your next laser invention? In other words, thanks for your instructable, I copied the idea and now I have a black light like blu-ray laser (although I didn't put it in a gun). I was a little skeptical about using the 9V and only one resistor because there are other "instructables" out there a little more complex. Well I only have it for one night and I am a complete laser freak so we will see how long it lasts. Now I need a yellow, orange, and blue (405nm) lasers. 3 down, 3 to go! But that blu-ray is so awesome! I can't wait to mess around with glow paint and such! Props Kipkay, I would have never had a laser of such a unique spectrum without your creativity. Thanks - Ace
Thought I was the only one who came up with this idea. Apparently I was wrong!

Great idea, Kipkay. I only have one question:

Would it be possible to use multiple burner diodes (200mW+), clustered in close proximity, and use some kind of optics system to combine them into one beam, then collumate at the emitter?

Just trying to figure out how to get the most bang for my buck. If I am completely insane, that's fine, too. _
Hahah death ray much? I know you can overcurrent lasers to a point and if you keep their duty cycles low it won't cause too much loss of workable life. Otherwise, you might be able to use a one-side-silvered mirror at a 45 degree angle to combine two beams. But then you have to worry about phase interference (I think). I think it also depends on what kind of laser you use whether or not it will destructively interfere, but I know it happens cause otherwise we wouldn't have holograms or interferometers! Get 6 green lasers and figure out how to bend space time and merge them into one beam.....and blow up miniature planets! XD
Kingvoe7 years ago
was wondering, i am making a blu ray laser just like your post, and i am using a 9 volt rechargeable battery and a 150 ohm resistor and by my calculations it said the diode should be 540mW, right now i am guessing i am very wrong. but i was wondering what is the maximum that a blu ray diode wattage will be, without it burning up.
Ace827 years ago
Laser Hack flash light mod works well, I bought 2 Aixiz housings & 2 140mW 650nm Laser diodes for $25 & ebay and made 2 burning lasers for a total of less then $50. On one, I used twice the AAA cranked it up to 6V and so far it is very stable and doesn't even seen to get warm after 10min steady use. I just bought a blu-ray ps3 replacement module for $50 ($65 w/ shipping) and another Aixiz housing. However, I prefer the casual pointer in lieu of a gun though. I do not like the idea of using 9V, will it work with 3V or 6V? Wicked lasers sell the blu-ray 20mW pointer for $2,000!!!
acaz93 Ace827 years ago
You Know They're Wicked Prices After All , lol :3
LAZy I7 years ago
hey, coudn't you do something like this with a steampunk theme?
kid1237 years ago
Dude, in the "Science" catologe, the charge $1000 for one of those, whithout the cool retro casing. sweet job
Don't let the Video fool all of you who have not yet built this. The color is a deep purple or violet. It looks just like a blacklight. Camcorders and cameras can not pick up the short wavelength efficiently so they get rendered as blue light in the video and pics.

For all of you guys who say this instructable is irresponsible for not explaining hazards, and to not look at beam and all that jazz, If you're stupid enough to look at any laser beam then you wont be able to pull this off anyway, it's not for the novice. Only if you're really confident should you try this, unless you got 100$ to just blow. So my point is if you didn't know that the word "laser" is an acronym or you don't even know what an acronym is, go do something else!

P.S. This set up won't guarantee a long diode lifetime. If you're not gonna build a regulator at least solder a small capacitor across the diode to prevent voltage spikes. And if you do want to build a regulator I recommend the LM317 because it's adjustable, find it at radio shack. Oh and a polarity protection rectifier diode won't hurt either.

Please reply if ya got mo questions fo me bout tis.
I just built it and housed it inside a cellphone, and it works beautifully!
Well, i'd better get my iron and electronics stuff ready, along with about 50 9V batteries. Oh yeah, I can't find any cheap ones (ps3 assemblies). The prices mysteriously went up after you made this... By the way, awesome instructable. Did you know that as a near-uv beam this can be used like a blacklight? It's pretty cool to use on glow-in-the-dark stuff.
...but we still think you're awesome!
Wow, a few of those laser aficionados really hate you, Kip...
Big G7 years ago
Very nice Instructable! Blue laser pointer for under $100, now that's a bargain and a half!

The only thing I would suggest you add to the Instructable is a disclaimer saying something like: "Laser pointers can cause permanant eye damage! I will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur by using this laser." Or something to that effect. Because common sense isn't so common anymore... :/

All that said, I may have to build me one of those. ;-)Great job!!!!!!
Do you HAVE to remove the board? or is it more of a "fit in the housing" problem than an "arc across the gap and about 50 bucks down the drain" problem? Somebody please reply asap (I've been waiting 2 weeks to build this).
max_payne167 years ago
cool, but what is the mw of the laser, does it surpass 100mw? "thought" :P do they have blue-ray burners? A blue ray disk burner would have a laser with probably about 200-300mw...
Thornie7 years ago
It would be nice if you added a disclaimer so.. um.. People don't go pointing this "Laser Phaser" into other people's eyes
You made a Green Star Wars Laser Phaser and put it on eBay didn't you Kipkay, or should I say bigbearauctions. Ha Ha Ha. Just Kidding. Nice instructable. It sure beats the heck out of paying 2 Grand on a sonar laser from wickedlaser.
ilovetea7 years ago
Coudln't you just replace the light in a laser pointer and assemble it inside?
45 bucks for a blue laser is beyond a fantastic deal!
They're charging $900 for a blue laser pointer!
Nice one! I just have a couple questions... First of all, with a 150ohm resistor, how powerfull is the laser (in mw). Also, I was thinking about using a potentiometer (aka, a variable resistor) but what kind should I get? This might be a little bit better, because than you could control the output power of the laser. Probably even up to 20 mw! (Although then it would only last a couple minutes with that much power)
G33k7 years ago
one question for u, how do u visible? or burner's beams are visible by humans eye? oh and also, is it possible to make a beam of cheap 5$ laser make beams visible?
static G33k7 years ago
Take up smoking? :) Recalling holidays on the old days at the grandparents. Granpa with prince albert in his pipe and almost every adult smoking a cigarette.
Kipkay (author)  G33k7 years ago
Simple answer: Fog Machine. Although green lasers do have a visible beam at night.
ELF G33k7 years ago
It's the strength of the laser :) remember, ou can only see the light that hits your eye (Not to encourage you to look into the laser, PLEASE don't do that :P), so for you to see the laserbeam, something has to scatter it. Normally it's the wall or object it hits, which reflects maybe 30-70% of the light, some of it which reaches your eye (making the dot visible to you). For you to see it in-air, there has to be particles in the air scattering some of the light. You can see a $5 laser pointer in mist or smoke, because the particles scatter such a huge percentage of the light. With this laser, there's enough power for the almost invisible particles found almost anywhere (maybe even the air itself) to scatter visible amounts of the lightbeam, and in that way revealing the beam. So... You just need a laser that is powerful enough, and use it in low enough lighting conditions :) Just remember, these bastards can really hurt your eyes... :)
Sorry to be negative but. A hundred bucks for a blue laser in a plastic housing is kinda lame. Does it burn things? I thought the star treck phasers shot blue. Does it have the Stun, Kill, Evaporate settings?
PS nice voice over.
bgugi7 years ago
why did you choose 9 volts? aren't most diodes run of 3-5? do all three lasers run off of 9 volts, or just the bluray? would a lower voltage extend the life of it? sorry for so many questions, i finally registered for this site just to ask.
Kipkay (author)  bgugi7 years ago
Mainly because it fit perfectly in the original battery compartment. Operating voltage of this diode is appox 4.5 volts. The resistor brings down the voltage and current to the normal range. Welcome to Instructables!
Awesome video. I had already got the idea to make a blue ray laser from this site:
But I would rather mod it into a mini mag or ultrafire flashlight. And the dude below me is right. The wavelength for these diodes is 405nm, and that small frequency is hazardous to the naked eye not to mention these diodes can be cranked up to 30mw with the right regulator. So never look at the beam directly.
For all you electronic rookies, understand it's easier said than done. The diodes are very sensitive to heat, shock, and static electricity. Take precautions, and do your homework and design a regulator. You want to get it right the first time. Even though its better than paying almost a grand on a blue laser pointer, its almost a hundred bucks after shipping on eBay and the aixis module and other materials.

FIY. It's not blue (470nm), it's violet (405nm).
Brennn107 years ago
Kipkay (author)  Brennn107 years ago
Yea I saw it on there. Hilarious comments from some of 'the kids' on the internet. Like this one:

"btw, the guy sounds like real nerd-in-moms-basemint-with-no-social-life kind of guy. becouse he dosnt show his face or something"

Typos courtesy of the poster.
Brennn10 Kipkay7 years ago
Haha I know. Sometimes the comments that are made on that site are quite outrageous.
chalky7 years ago
nice work Kip.
Hungry_Myst7 years ago
What the heck? I checked just to be sure, but apparently you can buy a PS3 blu-ray laser assembly on eBay for less then the price of a blue laser diode!? One of the very rare instances of getting more for less I guess. Great instructable by the way.
Just to give you an idea of how good of a deal this is, you can buy a blue laser pointer at ThinkGeek.com for just south of $900.
zextron7 years ago
once again, nice work and most important, a well explained instructable. I'm still trying to find a diode that works because the one from my laptop wasn't much clear. regards for all
BubbaCoop7 years ago
"Build one yourself for around $100" plus $300 for the PS3. Not a great deal if you ask me. I'd rather watch some blu ray movies than build a toy.
No, you just buy the laser part on eBay. You can get it separately. Nice work, though; I think I might build this myself. Anyone know if it's safe for you eyesight?
as long as you don't use the IR part, or possibly the photo. the former, i'm pretty sure would hurt your eyes pretty badly, the second, i'm not sure.
Kipkay (author)  TheMadScientist7 years ago
Of course...all lasers can be dangerous if you look into them. My hope is that anyone who could possibly tackle this, would be responsible (mature) enough to know what a laser is.
Well, I mean like the DVD burner laser. That thing will kill your eyesight FAST if you even look at the beam (not directly into it). That's what I mean.
Personally, I would listen to any cautionary advice about protecting your eyesight from a guy named "theOneEyedHobo"... :-)
My friend who's an engineer was looking on eBay for violet laser diodes. He found one in a steampunk-looking mesquite wood case with aluminium fins that was so awesome he bought it for himself. I wish the guy who made THAT would post an Instructable.
Kipkay (author)  BubbaCoop7 years ago
Read the Instructable again. I did not buy a PS3 System.
Then why, exactly, did you write: "First time in the world a blu-ray laser from a Playstation 3 has been installed in a Star Trek Phaser!"
Kipkay (author)  BubbaCoop7 years ago
OMG!Because it is a blu-ray laser from a Playstation 3. Maybe you should watch the video, re-read the Instructable until you understand. Is it me?
mhertel7 years ago
holy crap you all are so smart, if i knew half the stuff you people knew i could take over the world for shure... o yeah the blu-ray laser phaser, is BAD A...
Kipkay, You are dangerous!! HAHAHAHHA great ideas. The other flashlight was over the top though, too dangerous....(for idiots)! HAH For those worried about component life, why not wire up a 555 timer chip, and count off 100 shots, the last 5 are red to indicate the Phaser II is running low on power. Actually, I believe that the blue beam indicated that (Omega Glory is a good example, where Capt. Stacey empties lots of phasers on the yangs, then shoots at Kirk, and the phaser runs out of power).....wasn't much continuity in the old series, red yellow ands blue were all used. sometimes green too. NEVER PURPLE! What about high sped pulsing of the the laser with higher voltage? Could we actually make a phaser out of this combined with the laser from the MAG Lite to actually make a phaser. Perhaps a high voltage ion beam (ala ion ray gun from Bill Beatty site, with the laser modulated into the "beam"?? It would be very cool none the less, probably somewhat noisy and bright (perhaps the ion discharge in the air would further attenuate the phaser beam boosting power and giving it a pulsing sound to boot! I guess I am dangerous too! Keep up the good work. JWN
adamvan20007 years ago
oooh, any cat would love this! Nice work on this, Kip, regardless of what people say about the absence of a driver. I'm a big fan of your Instructables. ~adamvan2000
Kipkay (author)  adamvan20007 years ago
Thanks adamvan2000, Yes, Tux looked at it when I lit up the floor. She started after it but I stoppped 'firing' because I don't like to make my cats nuts.
Phazonx7 years ago
KIPKAY, pleas PLEASE understand that your minimag just isn't safe for a laser diode. You need more than that. I'm sure theres something your not telling the public, but do you understand that voltage/current regulation is NEEDED to make a good laser?
Kipkay (author)  Phazonx7 years ago
Yes, a decent circuit would help the life of the diode but I did not use one at all to shoot the video. A short cycle will extend the life. Thanks!
Well why didn't you include a driver in your video? Many people are going to do this without a driver, and they will use it (I guarantee, it's amazing), then it will die, and goodbye $100. For the next vid you make, please include a driver.
Kipkay (author)  shikarirock7 years ago
A driver is only really necessary for long term, continuous use. I have been playing with this one for the past 5 days and have had no problems at all! Still as bright as it was the first day I built it. Yes, a driver would likely help if this was going to be used for really long periods of time but this is a just a novelty laser toy. Plus, I wanted to make it easy for most people to build without getting into extensive cicuit building. Thanks!
Well in fact you're shortening the diode's life. Instead of 5000 hours it will have a life of 3 hours. Good luck with that! Still, nice instructable!
Not so. Providing the diode is not being overdriven, a driver for a battery operated device is not really needed - I have built more than a few red laser diode units and 808nm driven DPSS units - sure I build a driver for AC operation (mains) but if only being driven off a battery (no ripple, no surge, no over voltage) then why would you use a driver? I admit, a PP3 wouldn't have been my first choice for power - but if that is all that would easily fit inside the phaser, then fairy nuff. All in all, excellent article. Mark
Kipkay (author)  guymark7 years ago
Thanks Mark. Yes I don't intend to ever use this for 5000 hours. Geez, that's over 200 days of continous use. This isn't a light bulb, but a novelty item to bring out and show friends...for let's say 10 minutes at a time.
compudude867 years ago
i saw someone wrote it already, but i like the NES zapper idea! that would be kickass awesome old skool! at least my generation lol
Kipkay (author) 7 years ago
If you want to try this and just get the diode and housing you can check it out here:

Awesome! Pew Pew pew! even if I made one of these, my non-geeky friends wouldnt know what this is referencing...TT___TT
Lftndbt7 years ago
I give you 10/10 for the name alone! LoL Blu-Ray Laser Phaser - that's so good...;)
How about the "Kip-Kay Blu-Ray Lasuh-Fazuh"? Huh--Yeeee-ah boyeeee!! That's what I'm talkin about! You know what I'm saying?
Kipkay (author)  Lftndbt7 years ago
Ha! Ha! I thought they same thing when I came up with it. At least the name is catchy!
BubbaCoop7 years ago
"There here" wow.
mrdeja7 years ago
There here for 27

Think it's real?
Shadyman mrdeja7 years ago
Likely; Firefox asked me about storing a cookie for Google Checkout. No guarantees, though.
timd7 years ago
where did you get the ps3 diode assembly thing?
what! :-O if you got the bluray diode for 45$ then why are the bluray players around 400$!!!????? couldent you just take the diode out, and put it in a dvd player (and it would work??) ....damn market inflation :-(.. Anyway, that is a sweet instructable, cause blue laser pointers currently iv seen for no less than 800$, and this 1 is cheap :-)! Oh 1 question, what amount of power does that put out? ( mw )
Kipkay (author)  !Andrew_Modder!7 years ago
Thanks! It's only a 10mw output 405nm laser diode. It's a bit more on the purple side colorwise.
oh ok.
That's sort of like saying "Can I use computer speakers as a mouse for my PC?". They're totally different circuitry and decoders in each player.
Ummm... Ok, use the shift key please. There is a lot more to a Blu-ray player than just the blue diode; tons of chips, boards, other components, plus all the insane licensing and decryption stuff. No, you can't put a blue diode in a regular DVD player and have it work, the encryption on a Blu-ray disk is insane, very different from a regular DVD. Also, the laser is focused into a very small point, so more data can be "wound" onto the disk. I haven't done that much research on it so I am sure that there is a lot more than that.
Mintyhippo7 years ago
cool idea but could you make it fit in the maglight? +1
Kipkay (author)  Mintyhippo7 years ago
Sure! Same diode size although the voltage requirement is a bit higher. Two 123 batteries would work.
hey kipkay i am thinking about doing this for the science fair :P and i wanted to know if you could tell me where to get the phaser thanks
Kipkay (author)  dereksfriend137 years ago
I picked up the Star Trek Classic Phaser on Ebay.
Detonator7 years ago
I wonder if this works on halo 3/ star wars guns
pmac937 years ago
well i was going to ask if it burnt things...then I saw him point at at the camera lens.....
Daedal7 years ago
THIS WILL KILL YOUR DIODE IN MINUTES... IF NOT SECONDS!!! You need to protect the diode from spikes, and you need to regulate the voltage and current. BluRay diodes need 4.5V not 9V. Check www.laserpointerforums.com for more information and to get all the help you need to build a working unit... ONE THAT WILL LAST!
I think that that is the purpose of the resistor.
The resistor is a very bad way to regulate the current or the voltage. Hooking a 9V battery directly to the diode, resistor or not, is just wasting the diode! These diodes are extremely sensitive to static electricity, excess heat, current and voltage, and are very hard to keep happy. With this setup, you're lucky if the diode doesn't die before you even get to enjoy the amazing color.
exactly right. some sort of regulation circuitry is absolutely essential or the diode will die from any number of things. those diodes are extremely easily damaged. to get any kind of longevity out of this laser you're gonna need to solder up a regulator circuit.
Kipkay (author)  hivoltage7 years ago
I wanted to make this easy to build for anyone. I agree you should build a complete circuit and in reality it should actually pulse like the original diode whch requires more circuitry than most of us could build. Or you could buy one (a pointer) from wicked lasers for $2,000.
Daedal Kipkay7 years ago
If you can get yourself to spend $2000 for a laser worth $200... more power to you. Most people interested in this hobby, or even remotely interested, know that $2000 is an outrageous number. I have made MANY units with regulation and the intelligence is in the entire build... it's not a matter of what works for one will work for the next. BluRay diodes are as different as your fingerprints. Yours might ve fine at that voltage and current... I have 2 diodes here that will not lase until 30mA... and will simply be ruined without giving off any lasing power if they are given less than 4.6V. Abother thing to note is that due to how batteries work, there is usually a spike that is released as soon as the battery finds a path to release it's power. This spike is deadly to all laser diodes alike. The same was discussed in your last build, and it is now being revisited here again. Regulation along with some decent capacitance is absolutely essential to diodes.
Kipkay (author)  Daedal7 years ago
I agree, but I used this alot today during my webcast. Still working fine. If this was going to be a 'daily driver' then yes, I would add more to the design. Thanks!
Kipkay (author)  Daedal7 years ago
The resistor controls the current AND voltage. That's what resistors do. There is a load on the other end and the measured voltage was about 4 volts @ 27ma. The resistor brings down the voltage AND the current.
Kipkay (author)  Daedal7 years ago
I've been using it and it is still working! It does not get hot. No, I have not run it for 20 minutes but long enough to enjoy it.
Kipkay (author)  Daedal7 years ago
The resistor brings it down to 27ma which ios lower than than working current of 30-40ma. I've had it on for minutes. I don't really need this to 'last' forever as I will not be using it on a daily basis. It's just a video prop. 9 Volt worked best for this as it fit perfectly in the case. Thanks
Gnome7 years ago
hmm... Reminds me of this: NES ZAPPER!!! Great job anyways!
Darkeru Gnome7 years ago
hmmm....yes this is just like mine how strange...
Kipkay (author)  Darkeru7 years ago
It is? I don't think they are alike at all. Anyway, I had most of this shot before you posted yours. Remember, I use a blu-ray laser, you use a red dvd laser like my Flashlight Hack. Cool job!
Kipkay (author)  Gnome7 years ago
Yea that one is pretty cool...but this blu-ray! Thanks!
Or instead of searching through ebay then bidding you could just gohere
ELF7 years ago
I gotta ask... How come these laser diodes cost like, $150 separate, but you can buy them in the drives or assemblies for far less... Anyone has a reasonable explanation for this? :S
Kipkay (author)  ELF7 years ago
No they are more than $150. Here is why they are cheaper. Sony subsidized the cost of the Playstation 3 in order to sell games so the diode is less expensive to replace in those assemblies.
Zaen ELF7 years ago
I'm pretty sure it has to do with supply and demand, and bulk purchases. But that's just my guess.
Another great instruction from Kipkay. Did you have a fog machine on, or is your house so dusty that you could see the beam? I mean, the physics of lasers shows that you would only be able to see the beam if it had particles to bounce off.
Kipkay is probably 4:20 friendly.
Kipkay (author)  sensoryhouse7 years ago
He he...I'll never tell...
Kipkay (author)  Erik Lindemann7 years ago
No our place is not the dusty. I used a fog machine...
if a strong laser is lit in a vacuum tube (no air) you will never see the beam. however, with air, you can see it, becuase the air acts as those particles you referred to. so you home really doesn't have to be dusty at all, it just has to have air in it :)
Nihal7 years ago
Does this burn anything? I like the idea. What about using three AA batteries instead? Like Daedal says, it need 4.5 v (three AA batt.) and not 9v.
Actually, anyone who builds this will be boldly going where one man has gone before. Great project. I suppose the use of Blu Ray makes this the first blue laser on instructable? Good times.
csshih7 years ago
kipkay again? when will he ever stop? :)
Punkguyta7 years ago
This is totally outrageous and I like it, good stuff Kipkay.
DrAcher7 years ago
so this is the same as that zapper thing? just blue?
scooter767 years ago
Not an expert on Laser and such, but would this be as powerful if not stronger then the "DVD laser flashlight hack" you did a while back? which was pretty kick ass. Well done. More of a Star Wars fan - could you combine a whole bunch and make a lightsabre?
ELF scooter767 years ago
It's not as powerful... This is only a laser for reading the disc, not changing it :( But... If you got your hands on a BR burner's writing laser, THEN you'd have one seriously deadly killer :P
Kipkay (author)  scooter767 years ago
No it's not as strong as the DVF burner diode, but it looks much better and it's unique. Thanks!
G33k7 years ago
too bad that it cant destroy stuff, well, at least it looks sexy :D
Kipkay (author)  G33k7 years ago
Sorta sexy...if you're Spock! LOL!
John Smith7 years ago
Aerospaced7 years ago
you are the BEST! Now put a tunable PWM into it and you have a great effect! What was with that switch? They didn't have anything smaller? I take it the phaser didn't have one already on it?
Kipkay (author)  Aerospaced7 years ago
The original trigger is just a piece of plastic that pushes a solenoid switch on the circuit board to activate the goofy sound effects and light bulb.
G33k7 years ago
whoops ,sorry, browser glitch =) what i meant in my last post is: how do u make laser beams visible? or beams of burners are visible by human's eye? and also, can u make a beam visible in cheap 5$ lasers?
Spectrace7 years ago
wow for a second i thought you might have taken a part a precious PS3. haha, but anyway thats so cool great instructable. i love your structables bro!
robertm7 years ago
kipkay u r the man. this is an awesome idea and project. If you tried to get a blue laser anywhere else they are like 1.5k from wickedlasers. great job!!
Kipkay (author)  robertm7 years ago
I know! I could not believe they sell them for $1999! Granted they are in a cool aluminum housing but I could buy a nice HDTV for 2 grand!
G33k7 years ago
Can this thing like fire up a match or pop ballonz like your flashlight laser =P ?
Kipkay (author)  G33k7 years ago
No. It's only 10mw so it's not anymore powerful (dangerous) than a standard laser pointer but you will be the first in your neighborhood with that color, I guarantee it!
Awesome, another great Instructable, and idea!
tyeo0987 years ago
Thats hot dude