Step 6: Modifying the Star Trek Phaser

Picture of Modifying the Star Trek Phaser
The Phaser comes apart easily with a few screws and by removing the front light bulb assembly. Save the lightbulb housing as that will hold our Blu-Ray laser! Remove the 2 AA batteries. Remove and relocate the original circuit board so it is out of the way. Remove the existing trigger button. You may have to do some cutting with the Dremel to get the switch and Blu-Ray to fit right. Install the lightbulb mount with Blu-Ray and the wiring. Attach the switch and insert the 9 volt battery. You will find the 9 volt is a very tight fit in the case. Close up the Phaser and screw it together. I drilled open the hole in the front lightbulb screwtop to accomodate the laser beam. Now enjoy your new Blu-Ray Laser Phaser! Have fun & Be Safe!
JCShutout8 months ago

I opened my phaser and it was way different and the handle way too small for a 9volt battery. After looking around online, I realized they are using the 1994 Playmates phaser. This hack won't work with the 2008 toy. Just FYI.

Bought a 1994 on ebay and can't wait to try this when it arrives.

powercow2443 years ago
could I use any capacitor? please respond
wow. frickin amazing..but unneeded.
I am gonna boom the world with my laser!
adgmlaser7 years ago
Hi Kipkay im new here, i would like to ask if its ok if i add a capacitor connected to both pin of blu-ray diode , then put a 150ohm resistor on its positve terminal going through 9V battery and negative directing to battery's negative terminal, can this affect the quality of the beam? or its a big help to avoid burning the diode? anybody can also acceptable to answer this.