All these things should be fairly simple for the experienced user.

Step 1, Get a pololu maestro board and two servo motors, glue them together to make a turret.
Step 2, Add a 100mW blu ray laser to the turret, and paint a sheet in Glow Inc paint
Step 3, Do some basic trigonometry and figure out how to light up a "pixel" on the canvas
Step 4, Code it up in C#.net

This was an awful instructable.
hi, please can you explain the wiring and send the code please please
Hi, sorry I no longer have the code (computer got stolen at christmass two years ago =/ ) <br> <br>The wiring is pretty straight forward when dealing with servos. The only thing that matters is getting the signal wire (white/yellow) to the signal output on the meastro.
sorry for you computer and thanks.
what is the stencil drwaer software__????
Bacon and narwhals
awesomly awesome :0
awesome! you should win!

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