Picture of Blue Apple Pie

In this tutorial I'll show you how how to make my newest delicious creation: blueberry apple pie.
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Step 1: Making the dough

Picture of Making the dough

Purchasing a pre-made pie crust from the local store is always an option, but I love to make my own dough. Here's what you'll need to make the simple, yet flaky and wonderful pie crust that I always use:

What you'll need:
2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 tbsp salt
2/3 cup shortening
6 tbsp ice water

and I usually add some spices to my dough for a little more flavor.
This time I used pinches of Allspice and Cinnamon.

1. Combine flour, salt, and spices. Cut in the shortening until crumbly.
2. Gradually add water until the dough can form a ball.
3. Split the dough so one half is slightly larger than the other. (The larger part will be used for the bottom crust, and the smaller for the top crust.)

Step 2: Rolling and placing the dough

Picture of Rolling and placing the dough

First of all, I'm the worst person in the world at rolling dough.

My technique is lay down a bunch of flour and roll it out as thin as I can while still attempting to keep it round and even - I really don't know how to explain it any better than that. I mean, I don't even own a rolling pin... I just use a smooth, sturdy cup.

Once you get the dough rolled out somewhat evenly and thin you can try your hand at laying it out in the pie pan.
Through trial and error, I've found that because the dough is so thin it is easiest to lightly roll up the dough and unroll it into the bottom of the pie pan.
If you try to lift the dough into the pie pan it will tear and just make you mad.

Once the dough is in the pan, don't worry about it being perfect as soon as it's in.
Imperfections can be fixed by pressing and filling holes.