Blue Bodice Ruffle Dress





Introduction: Blue Bodice Ruffle Dress

I made this over a month ago before I could document the steps for this dress.  I was inspired by a dress I saw in a magazine that I really liked.

The whole dress is lined and there is a zipper on the side.  I really wanted a bodice with strong straps so I wouldn't feel self-conscious about it falling down. The skirt was just cutting long strips of chiffon and sewing it onto a lining for a tiered effect.

I wish I'd taken photos of the process so I could share it with you.  Thanks for checking it out!



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    do you think you could post the pattern or the measurements you used to make this? thanks!

    A pattern that you can use is found in Burdastyle magazine's 4/2011 issue pattern 110a. I changed up the bodice so I wouldn't look pregnant. i hope this helps!

    Hi, the measurements were 32b for the bust area, 25 for the waist and 33 for the hips. I have to go back home and find the correct date issue for the Burdastyle pattern that inspired this. I will get back to you asap.

    I reallllllly like this. xD

    Thank you! I struggled with this dress because it's chiffon and I'd never sewn with it before.

    I have loads of other projects on Just type the name Zsyzu in the search engine and you'll find this and my other stuff too.

    Thank you!

    You look so good in that dress. Great job.

    Thank you!