Blue Crush-Crochet Organizer





Introduction: Blue Crush-Crochet Organizer

Blue Crush is a lovely crochet hook organizer that holds all your hooks (most any size) in one place with all your other crocheting notions.

Blue Crush has slots for 15 hooks (from large to small), a pocket to hold notions such as stitch counters or extra/over large crochet hooks, and a smaller pocket with custom embroidery for your tiny crochet notions such as sewing needles. The overlapping flap keeps your hooks protected and the attached white ribbons allows you to secure the organizer closed.

When closed the case measures approximently 3in by 9in, perfect for carrying around in your bag.

Blue Crush is blue with red and white flora print on the outside and a light blue interior with white tear drops.

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    That is really cute! Much nicer than the case my hooks came in.

    Cute, do you have a pattern for this?

    Thanks! Not yet. I'm working on potentially making a kit to sell. It would have the pattern, fabric, ribbon, and embroidery patter extra. Right now I do have the dimensions listed in the comments on my blog post about the first one I made: