Blue Dangling Earrings DIY




Introduction: Blue Dangling Earrings DIY

Here is something amusing and feminine for both girls and ladies to wear-a pair of dazzling DIY dangle earrings. What’s more, for giving the dangle earrings more radiant appearance I choose the cat eye beads as main part of them. The fascinating light and gorgeous gloss will help your design more impressive.

Step 1: You'll Need:

8mm cat eye bead

4mm Bicone glass beads



Brass chain

Earring hooks

Wire-cutter Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Step 2:

1. Slide one 8mm cat eye bead onto the eyepin. Loop the end with 6mm long pin tail. Remove the excess part. Make 7 groups;

2. Thread three pieces cat eye beads onto a long eyepin. Loop the end;

3. String the 8mm cat eye bead onto the headpin along with one 4mm Bicone glass bead. Form a loop at end in same way. Do another 2 pairs;

4. Snip a fraction of brass chain, approximately 5cm.

Step 3:

Place all well-prepared elements on flat as the picture show;

Step 4:

Open the loops at ends and assemble your DIY earrings.



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