Blue Dino Quilt


Introduction: Blue Dino Quilt

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This quilt is made from random pieces of scraps, old clothing and thrift-store fabric. The backside is a single sheet of dinosaur-pattern fleecy material.

First I assembled the top layer of the quilt, then I sewed the Dino pieces I had previously traced onto some fabric and cut out. Then I embellished the Dino with button-eyes, hand-embroidered eyelashes and a bow (this quilt is for my niece-to-be).



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    3 Discussions

    I love stuff like this! Take a traditional quilt and BAM! Dinosaur right in middle! You've inspired me!!! I'm thinking zombies on a pink girly quilt! Great job!!

    That bow makes a terrifying dinosaur into a cute, widdle cuddly thing. Nice work.