Blue Flower Ball





Introduction: Blue Flower Ball

How to make flower ball easy way.
You need 6 blue printer paper and 6 1/2 white printer paper.

for rose from chocolate paper look

for amazing rose from paper look

for Paper Rose Ball . Easy for everybody.

paper flower ball

the other paper crafts videos

Step 1: Make White Piece

Fold as on foto and cut out.
You must make 6 stars from half of printer paper.

Step 2: Make Blue Flower.

From 6 blue printer paper.
Make 6 blue flowers as on foto.

Step 3: Connecting Blue + White

Connect white star and blue flower as on foto.
Use stapler to connect.

Step 4: Connect All Flowers

First connect 5 flowers as on foto.
At last connect the 6 one.



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    7 Discussions

    Hi Golics... the link to see the video in Metacafe is not available anymore !! why ??these pics are helpful only if you have previous knowledge.
    If u r still around here, do us the favor and upload the video again. thx !!

    You make wonderfull, lovely and amazing stuff !!!

    I hope you don't mind I've put some pictures and links on my blog, I presume most people like some advertising: visitors have to follow the link to you to see the instructions

    (here you can see my intentions are honest: (and the tiny rose with strange leaf I made last week, before seeing your rose-from-chocolate-paper instructions with a much better leaf  ;-)  )

    i did this for my art project. and i've got the highest mark! thanx so much!

    blue flower CUBE. cube. not ball. ;) looks sweet, cube though it may be