Picture of Blue Jean Purse
This purse is made out of the blue jean leg of a pair of blue jean pants. The image on the front I got of the internet.
I decided to make this purse when I was sitting on my floor with a lot of ripped blue jeans that were too far gone to be repaired.

Shopping list: Old Blue Jeans, Thread, button, sewing machine( not required), ponytail holder, fabric (liner).

p.s: The BROWN lines show where to cut and the PINK lines show where to sew

If you need help with this project please post your comments below.
Thank you.

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Step 1:

Picture of
Step 1) The first thing to do is to get all the materials that you need. Which are the buttons,thread, fabric ( lining of the purse), The blue jeans, scissors, a pony tail holder, and the sewing machine (you could also use a needle and thread and just hand sew it).

Step 2:

Picture of
Step 2) Now you need to cut the materials (Blue Jeans and Fabric). cut about three inches from the bottom of your blue jean pants and about two inches below where the two pants legs meet.  Now you need to put the right sides of the fabric and blue jeans together. Sew the top so that you have made a tube but before that put the pony tail holder in the front top.

Step 3:

Picture of
step 3)  Then turn the blue jeans right side out. Then take the long rectangles that you made on one side off the sides of the blue jeans (aka: these are going to be the straps of the purse)

Then  sew the straps together width wise and then put them right sides together length wise and then sew the side. After that try to make the right sides face out. Cut a slit in the side of the blue jeans where the seam is half way up. ( make sure the lining is not cut) 

Then put the straps in the slit then turn the blue jeans inside out. Sew the strap onto the blue jeans.
LineM6 months ago

Looks really nice and it seems to be quite practical wich isn´t the case for all the DIY jean purses.