This purse is made out of the blue jean leg of a pair of blue jean pants. The image on the front I got of the internet.
I decided to make this purse when I was sitting on my floor with a lot of ripped blue jeans that were too far gone to be repaired.

Shopping list: Old Blue Jeans, Thread, button, sewing machine( not required), ponytail holder, fabric (liner).

p.s: The BROWN lines show where to cut and the PINK lines show where to sew

If you need help with this project please post your comments below.
Thank you.

Step 1:

Step 1) The first thing to do is to get all the materials that you need. Which are the buttons,thread, fabric ( lining of the purse), The blue jeans, scissors, a pony tail holder, and the sewing machine (you could also use a needle and thread and just hand sew it).
<p>Looks really nice and it seems to be quite practical wich isn&acute;t the case for all the DIY jean purses.</p>

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