Picture of Blue LED Bike Wheel

Hi everyone!

In this ible i'll show you how to build a funny and cool LED project.

I'll basically secure 6 blue LEDs to the spokes of the wheel.

The result will be fabulous! And it's also a useful project because these LEDs, while cycling, will make a perfect bright circle that will help car drivers to notice you in the dark.

P.S. I entered this project in contest! If you like it please vote for me :)

So..let's go to see materials and tools!!

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools


- 6 blue LEDs

- heatshrink tubing

- 3x 100 ohm resistors

- ON/ON switch

- 9V battery snap connector

- 9V battery


- soldering iron

- solder

- scissors

- cable ties

- nippers

Step 2: LEDs and Resistors

Picture of LEDs and Resistors

As you can see in photo#1, we need to connect 3 couples of LEDs in parallel being careful to follow the right polarity.

I decided that 6 LEDs would have done enough light, and as I initially thought, the result is fantastic!
I suggest you to put 6/8 LEDs depending on the size of your wheel ;)

I wanted to make the result as clear as possible so I soldered two LEDs with a resistor, leaving the wires long as the wheel spokes (24cm) at the sides, and the double (48cm) in the middle. (this because the middle wire will connect two LEDs fixed on two different spokes, so it will have to go from one LED, down the spoke till the wheel hub and again up on the other spoke till the second LED)

Before attaching the LEDs to the spokes, I suggest you to check if all works correctly and if your LEDs are bright as they should be.

After you have soldered, tested and insulated all the three couples, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Switch and Battery Snap Connector

Picture of Switch and Battery Snap Connector

In this step we will simply solder a switch to the 9V snap connector.

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Beepart made it!25 days ago
Fun project.
manuelmasc (author)  Beepart14 days ago

woo that's amazing! what a wonderful result!! i'm happy that you followed my ible to get this result!!


dalmasetto15 days ago

Great project. I plan on doing the same but using 8 x LEDs. I'm newish to electronics and was wondering about what resistors to use if I was to use these LEDs - >

manuelmasc (author)  dalmasetto14 days ago

2 more LEDs per wheel...this will be awesome!! anyway I'm newish too with electronics! don't worry.

In order to calculate easily your resistors, I suggest you to use websites like in which you just need to enter your parameters, and it calculate you the right resistor! ;)

Was there any reason you used a resistor on each pair? Would one resistor on the live wire have the same effect? Thank you in advance for any assistance.
andrea biffi5 months ago

congrats for winning!!

manuelmasc (author)  andrea biffi5 months ago

thanks andrea!! ;)

Madmarx7 months ago

I've been wanting to figure out a way to add LED's to my tires too, thanks to your ible i'm definitely going to give it a try, however, I have a 555 timer i was thinking I might try throwing in to make a blinking circuit. :D If I figure out how, I'll definitely give a click on the ole "i made it" for ya. :) GREAT JOB

manuelmasc (author)  Madmarx5 months ago

thanks @Madmarx ;)

and yeah!! it's a fantastic idea!! it will result a more awesome project!!! please upload here your results!

manuelmasc (author)  Madmarx7 months ago

oh that's a fantastic idea!! i'll wait your "I Made It!" photos

VentureScout7 months ago


manuelmasc (author)  VentureScout6 months ago

thanks!!! :D

jmiller03117 months ago

How does this compare price wise to the led light sets that you can buy for a few dollars that just clip on the spokes?

manuelmasc (author)  jmiller03116 months ago

this project will surely win! ;)

- with just 1.50 dollar you have 6 LEDs, while with 1/3 dollars you can buy a singular light.

- and just one of those LEDs brights a lot more than the buyable ones ;)

manuelmasc (author)  jmiller03116 months ago

this project will surely win! ;)

- with just 1.50 dollar you have 6 LEDs, while with 1/3 dollars you can buy a singular light.

- and just one of those LEDs brights a lot more than the buyable ones ;)

jhanson116 months ago

Where did you put the resistors? I can't seem to see them in the pictures..

manuelmasc (author)  jhanson116 months ago

look photo#2 step 2 ;) the resistor is under the black heatshrink tube.

Tater Zoid6 months ago

Hi, I've decided to use your Instructable for the REMIX contest. I'll link to your project when I post it. Thank you for the great idea.

manuelmasc (author)  Tater Zoid6 months ago

you are welcome ;)

really nice work senor. if I can get my head around all this wiring I just might try thus out. thanks man for this illuminating ible :) good luck.
manuelmasc (author)  hardlydavidson7 months ago

Thanks for the support and for the congratulations ;)you surely have to try this out! It's way way simpler than you think

gattler7 months ago

how do you join the wires to the battery? i didn't get that...

manuelmasc (author)  gattler7 months ago

look the first photo of the second step ;) since the 3 couples of two LEDs are connected in parallel, I joined the 3positive wires together, and I joined them to the positive wire that comes from the battery, and obviously I repeated the process with the negative wires.

do you understand now? :)

Thanks...I'll try to make it soon...
manuelmasc (author)  gattler7 months ago

You are welcome ;)

noob_for_life7 months ago

I LOVE this. Thank you for sharing it. My son just upgraded his bike and this is the kind of thing we would really like to to for more enhancements!

One question -- and please forgive me if I'm missing the obvious -- is there anything you need to do to protect it from rain? It's likely there will be times when he will find himself biking when it's wet.

Thanks again!!!

manuelmasc (author)  noob_for_life7 months ago

thanks! if you will make them, please upload your "I Made It!" photos.

anyway I don't know :( since in winter I have a lot of university exams, I have never time to go out with my mtb... LEDs, switch and resistors are well insulated, so I think that if you remove the battery when it's raining your project will be safe! maybe you could have just to add a little piece of insulated tape around the battery snap connector ;)

This is very cool and easy. Thank you so much for sharing :)

manuelmasc (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya7 months ago

you are welcome;) thanks for compliments

bwsandman7 months ago
Great job, I just bought my son one of these from a store. Guess I could have made one.
manuelmasc (author)  bwsandman7 months ago

oh I didn't know that they sell these things ;) anyway thanks!!

桃机智7 months ago
manuelmasc (author)  桃机智7 months ago


andrea biffi7 months ago

Hi Manuel, very detailed project, good done!

manuelmasc (author)  andrea biffi7 months ago

grazie andrea ;)

Tater Zoid7 months ago

If I do make these (which I probably will), I will be sure to click the "I Made It" button.

manuelmasc (author)  Tater Zoid7 months ago

yeah!! ahaha I can't wait for it!! ahahha i'm dying because of waiting new LEDs ahahhaha here in italy there is not a shop like radioshack so i have to order them from cina :P ahahha

primosanch7 months ago
Nice. Thanks for sharing.
manuelmasc (author)  primosanch7 months ago

thanks for the support ;)

akshat210457 months ago

This is so awesome! Voted :D!

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