Step 8: Pierce Box

Once you know where you want your cord to come out, mark it on the outside of the box. Be sure that the cord comes out low enough that the box can close, but high enough that even when the hole is full-sized, it's a cardboard thickness from the bottom.

Find the center point of the future hole. Pierce it, from the outside in with the awl. (That way, the ragged edges of tin will be on the inside.) Then use the needle-nosed pliers or similar to force the hole larger (again, outside in). Turn it as you go so that you get a round hole, and stop when you can just force the end of the power cord through the hole from the outside in.

The inside of the hole will be a mess. Use pliers to pinch the torn edges of metal flat. Try to pad them so that they don't mark the outside of the tin too much.

<p>this is a really neat idea. Do you know how to add a tripod or wire or something to be able to direct the light into a specific point? The idea is to use this light as light source for close up videos/photos.</p><p>Thanks,</p><p><br>Vlad</p>
<p>Thank you - this was fun, and I ended up with a neat Christmas gift. Most of the work was learning to solder, which I hadn't done before. Using the Arduino wires was a great tip - I got a box of mixed wires cheaply and easily and one of the lengths fit perfectly.</p>
<p>Hi bathsheba_everdene,</p><p>Making it run on battery power is outside of my knowledge and experience. You probably could, but you'd have to spend some time coming to understand electronics, because you have to get the right voltage for input.</p><p>And the LEDs on the ribbon are simple, normal blue LEDs. (I've also made light boxes with white LEDs -- I'm still experimenting to see which ones work best for me.)</p>
Really like the idea. I'm new to electronics, though. Is there a way to make it run on battery power? And are these LEDs on the ribbon simply LEDs that are blue in color? Not some high-techy kind of light?
glad this is helping with your SAD! I wish I had one of these when I used to live in seattle!

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