Picture of Blue Peter Recycling Box (no sticky back plastic required)
We all share a huge recycling bin between our block of flats but what are you meant to do with the empty bottles and cans before you can be bothered to take them out/as you're waiting for the rain to stop? For months I've been struggling with plastic carrier bags from the supermarket but they don't hold very much and they're not really ideal for large amounts of paper and cardboard. So I grabbed a box that I threw a load of stuff in when I moved and I came up with this visual beauty!

nb. If you were unfortunate enough not to have grown up in Britain and therefore don't have a clue what Blue Peter is, it is a children's magazine programme that has been running for over 50 years and is the longest running children's programme in the world. It's emblem is this rather attractive ship and children are encouraged to be creative and write in with poems, drawings and pictures of things they make at home. When you do so you are awarded a Blue Peter badge which you will then treasure forever and pin it on your school tie until all the colour has rubbed off...or maybe that was just me!

Originally you could get four different badges although there are a whole variety of additional ones now. The four main ones are:

The Blue Badge (for sending in a picture, poem, letter etc)
The Silver Badge (for sending in another different item from the first)
The Green Badge (for environmentally based things)
and The Gold Badge which only very special people receive after things like saving another person's life or writing a whole series of books about a boy wizard who defeats the most evil and powerful dark wizard the world have ever known (sorry if I've spoilt the ending for you). 

I already have a Blue and Silver badge that I have had for many years (I wrote a poem about the presenters for my first badge and for my silver badge I submitted a sugar paper cut out of a lunch box and did a little collage of tasty treats that my favourite Blue Peter pet at the time, a dog called Meg, would like to snack on) but I never got round to doing anything for my Green badge, mainly because I was 17 when I sent off for my Silver badge and thought I should stop cheating the system after that. I haven't decided if I should send in a picture of this and conveniently forget to include my age but I'll have a long hard think about that and see what my conscience has to say about it before making a final decision.

In the meantime, I have made this Instructables guide so you can make your very own! Enjoy.  
sunshiine3 years ago
Very nice Instructable! Thanks for sharing. Have a splendorous day!
fifipoodlebum (author) 3 years ago
Why thank you, I'm glad that I've actually made something worthy of being on Instructables after all these years of being in awe of everybody else's projects on here. I shall pop over to the new authors page right away, an Instructables apron sounds mega exciting!

Also what's it like being an intern for this great and glorious website? I bet it's amazing!
Congratulations on your first Instructable it's really cute! You should mention it on the Rewards for New Authors page!