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I was in the fashion contest and there was a dress that scoochmaroo posted an instructable about. I had an idea of re-cycling older skirts and adding tops that wrap around them just as her all handmade dress was done. I used her instructions mostly other than I measured the width of the skirt and divided it in half added 4” for the pleating and 1” for seams,  ½” for front and ½” for back of top. I made them 2 ½ feet long as Per- scoochmaroo’s instructions and sewed the top pieces onto the skirt. I even am trying it with a long pencil skirt that is a wool skirt to see how it would look in a professional setting. So far I am getting very positive results. I have a few friends who want one and they are bringing their own skirts. I  am also going to try making a shirt to go with whatever, such as jeans. Thanks for your inspiration scoochmaroo!


oelydina (author)2012-02-16

Very good idea!

sunshiine (author)2011-07-04

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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