Blue Tooth SpiderMan (making Your Dongle Pretty)




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Introduction: Blue Tooth SpiderMan (making Your Dongle Pretty)

My First Post
You'll need a Toy + this case a spiderman
A Male and Female Usb cable
Your Blue tooth dongle
and some glue

Step 1: Step One - Splitting Heads

So split your toy into two halfs
then remove and plastic bits that are in the way in the way

Step 2:

Now pop your Dongle and usb into the shell
you can gule it in if you want to, but mine was a snug fit
Remember to cut a hole for the cable to stick out

Step 3:

now just glue it all together....

I did this cause i have my second pc as a entertainment center
and my cellphone has a remote control feature for media player via Bluetooth
Now i have a Bluethooth remote control for my movies.... Nice

I would love some ideas on what to do with
A cheap childrens Ir remtoe controlled helicopter
a old cd writer, stiffy drive and a 128mb mp3 player

any ideas would be great??




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    Has this changed the reception on the antenna at all? Is your signal weaker or do you have to be closer to the bluetooth receiver than before it was buried in the spiderman toy?

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    To be honest i dont know, cause my phone is always close to my pc... and thats all i use my BT for ..... transfering music and pics across

    I like this but it looks like the web shot out his butt lol