Step 2:

The first thing to do is square one end of the fabric.  This piece is 59" wide.  You may need to add width to the fabric, depending on your wingspan measurement and the width of the fabric being used.  I use a square and a yard stick to do this.  This fabric is wrong side up.   I draw a chalk line from edge to center of both sides.  Then I measured down 10" and 20"  from this line on each edge of fabric.  Connect these with a chalk line across the fabric.  This is the shoulder fold line and the arm/front cutting line.
Great work! And I love tips for creating original patterns.
Thank you. I really believe if you are going to take the time to make something it should clearly reflect your own tastes and personality. That is what is great about creativity!
This is fantastic! It looks so cozy and I love the lining!

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