For starters this is my first instructable, and my first tutorial overall. With this said point out in the comments what you didn't understand in this post.

A few weeks ago I got curious on how Bluetooth controlling on arduino works, after a little research i found out that is is a very simple process, so i purchased a robot build, and a JY-MCU Bluetooth Serial Port Module. I decided that the best way to control this robot would be with my very own custom made android app.

Step 1: Tools, Parts, Software, the Arduino Code and the App


  • Solder
  • Wires



MIT App Inventor 2 - The easy way to create an app

Arduino IDE

My app

My Arduino code

Step 2: Learning the Code and Setting Up the Module

Step 3: Using My App

Click Bluetooth pic and then your Bluetooth module that you paired your phone to, this should let you control it.

Step 4: Thank You for Reading!

Any feedback would be appreciated! A video might come later tonight, and please show me pictures if you completed this ible!

Step 5: Video(s)

Here is a basic test, the motors are unfortunately 1kg torque so they aren't that strong.

<p>Cool robot</p>

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