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This sword, BluebAres, is part of a pair of swords that were used in Youthquake Theater's production of Romeo and Juliet, which I directed the fights and acted in. BluebAres was used by Romeo (Abigail Dickson, also the director) and Mercutio (Lauren Curtis), though it originally belonged to Benvolio. All three used it when fighting Tybalt (Veronica Yeracaris), who used the other sword of the pair, CranbAres.

Nearly all of the swords I make are done with craft foam of all sorts and a quarter inch fiberglass rod running through the whole thing. As complicated as they may look it's not that hard to make one. I have a collection of Instructables that will explain all of the different methods I use to make the swords. Each sword is so different that the only way to connect them all with one system and give you all the freedom to make any sword you want seems to be to present you with all of the techniques in an interchangeable manner.

Let me warn you, though, that the guard of this sword actually fell apart. With glue the guard could now become, at best, a decorative piece. This is a warning to you all: do not make guards that are too thin.


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