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Introduction: Bluetooth Audio Device on OpenELEC

This Instructable will go through the few easy steps to activate Bluetooth audio devices on Kodi OpenELEC. All you need is a device running OpenELEC, e.g. a Raspberry Pi model B using on-board Bluetooth connectivity or by means of a USB Bluetooth dongle.

OpenELEC's build-in functionality makes it very easy to connect Bluetooth audio devices. The option of adding Bluetooth audio devices gives exciting new ways to connect wireless speakers or headphones to enhance the audio experience. Depending on the Bluetooth audio device, connectivity can be extended up to 10 meters.

Step 1: Establish the Bluetooth Connection

After activating "pairing mode" on the Bluetooth audio device and connecting a Bluetooth dongle (e.g. Raspberry Pi 2), the newest version of OpenELEC will automatically detect available Bluetooth devices.

To see the available Bluetooth audio devices go to System -> OpenELEC -> Bluetooth.

To establish a connection, select the desired Bluetooth audio device and choose Trust and Connect.

Step 2: Activate Bluetooth Audio Output

After the Bluetooth audio device has connected successfully, go to System -> System -> Audio output and choose PULSE Default, Bluetooth Audio.

Step 3: Conclusion

That's it! You should now hear audio from your connected Bluetooth audio device instead of the HDMI or audio jack speakers.

For more information & tips about Kodi and other electronic DIY projects, see my Blog.

Enjoy =)-~



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