Bluetooth Based Home Automation Using Arduino


Introduction: Bluetooth Based Home Automation Using Arduino

Dear friends this is my first project i am publishing in instructable. I build it with two microcontrollers one is arduino and other is at89s52. And i also developed android app for home automation control.

Step 1: Components Required

Dear inscrutable's here i am posting a Bluetooth based home automation like on/off home appliance with android phone may this post is posted earlier but i tried my self so i want to share my diy project.

I am new to android programming so i used some post as any body feel that i copied it please comment it.

Components you will need

1.Arduino board or at89s52 i used

2.Bluetooth module hc-05 i used

3.Smart phone

4.Relay 12v 1c/0-3

5.Transistor sl100-3

6.Resistor 650ohm-3

7.Diode 1n4148-3

8. Connecting wires

9.Power supply-12v

10.9vpp3 battery

Software's required

1.Android studio and sdk tools

2.Arduino ide

3.keil studio ide for atmelat89s52

Tools required

1.Soldering rod


3.Soldering paste

4.Soldering lead

Step 2: Android Programming

In my diy project crucial part is android app which can on/off a device using bluetooth and for that apps are available but i want to try it so that i can learn android programming.In this programming i used toggle buttons for less space in app so that on and off can be done

seek bar is used to control fan speed but i am working on it.

i used list view as bluetooth devices can be appear so that when we press it it should connect and a socket can be done for programming.i used five appliances.

Step 3: Programming Bluetooth in Android

I referred so many sites and programming books on android so that i can make my own android app i want to know know about how android app works.

Bluetooth is connected when app is on and when we exit app bluetooth is off. when pair button is pressed all paired devices will be shown in list view for that i used bluetooth layout.

Permission for bluetooth in manifest file.

when we touched the paired device it create socket with bluetooth module and we can communicate with our module

Step 4: Hardware Part

Now hardware part is arduino or at89s52 both i used but i preferred at89s52 so that arduino can be used for other applications

Step 5: Attachments

i uploaded the code. A demo video and some images of my project. i am working on fan speed control. I will update it soon



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Hiiiii sir this is rajasekhar i ned code for Raspberry Pi Based Home Automation Using Bluetooth Android Smart Phone

1 reply

you should be able program in python a little bit knowledge is enough and know about bluetooth communication using python code. pair your bluetooth module with pi and using python send and receive to and from android. i can help you if know python code

Really I need somebody to guide along in this project some more they were need software things than hardware I'm thinking that u can guide me along ....on both of the things

Yeah ofcourse i am thinking about extending the project i will help you in all aspects where i can so you can ask me if you

can i get the program code .........can u email me i need more details on it(rubineravi68

3 replies

can i know which program android or arduino or microcontroller i used

arduino and sorry for the reply

i already zipped the files in this instructable you can dowload it

I had a similar idea to this not long ago, I'd like to help you with it but I haven't learned any coding yet and my experience in electronics is low.
If I feel like I might be useful at some point we could share ideas on making this cool?

1 reply

thank you for your comments i will definetly take your help if you can suggest me

Or rather's already pretty cool ;)