Bluetooth Basics || Voice Controlled Home Automation





Introduction: Bluetooth Basics || Voice Controlled Home Automation

If you are into electronics and want to transfer data wireless over your smartphone,then Bluetooth is great way to do this.

In this video I’ll show you how to use a Bluetooth module for any of your Arduino project which can be used to control any devices or control circuit,which is awesome.

Step 1: Link for the Video:

Step 2: Parts List.

1.Arduino UNO:

2.bluetooth module:

3.5mm RGB led:

1.Arduino UNO:

2.Bluetooth Module:

3.5mm RGB led:

Step 3: Connections,arduino Code and Android App.


1.Connect the Tx of the Arduino to one end of the 10K ohm resistor and the other end of the divider to ground.
2.Take a jumper from the middle and connect it to the Rx pin of the module.
3.Just connect the Tx of the module to the Rx of the arduino,since arduino is compatible with 3.3V logic.
4.For output purpose,am using a Common Anode RGB led.Connect the red pin to PIN3 of arduino,green pin to PIN4 and blue pin to PIN5.

Arduino Code:

link for the code:
*While uploading the code make sure you disconnect the Tx and Rx pin of Arduino,afterwards you can put it back*

Android app:

You can download the app from the google play store,just type AMR_voice.

Step 4: Success.

I hope you liked this video.
Comment down below what would you like to make.
Stay connected for more videos and I'll see you next week.



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    Hey mate, great project!

    Btw, what program did you use to record your screen in the video?

    Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 screen capture.